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Skiing in Canada in April

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We are looking at flying into either Montreal or Toronto on April 6th and will be returning to Ireland on April 14th. While I realise that this is rather late in the ski season and that some resorts, such as Mont Tremblant, will be closed, our dates are inflexible. I was wondering where would be the best ski resort to go from either of these two cities at this time of year. We would also consider travelling to a ski resort in the US from either Montreal or Toronto.

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You're going to have to go a long way west before you find any decent skiing.  You could fly into Calgary and hit up the ski areas around Banff, or you could keep going to Vancouver and do Whistler.  I can speak for Whistler in that April is often some of the year's best skiing.  Have never been to Banff to ski, unfortunately.

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Sunshine village near banff, alberta has a very late season. You will need to head west if you want to ski in April.
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Thanks for the responses. However unfortunately for reasons with which I won't bore you we have to fly into either Toronto or Montreal. Would anyone know of anywhere within driving distance of either of these that might be any good in April?

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If you have a week, it's worth getting an internal Canadian flight and going to Calgary or Vancouver like the other posters said.


If your trip is business and you only have a day or two free, driving into northern Vermont from Montreal is your best bet.  Quebec City is a farther drive for smaller mountains but in some cases its colder weather might preserve the snow better.  But in April all of the eastern areas get a lot of rain due to low altitude.  Toronto's topography is more Midwest than East.  Nothing with more than 700 vertical vs. 2,000+ in Vermont or Quebec City.

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Thanks for this. Where in Vermont would be good?

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Originally Posted by corkboy View Post

Thanks for this. Where in Vermont would be good?

The two snowiest places in Vermont (and thus having a good / better chance of still being good in April) are Stowe are Jay Peak.  Jay Peak is literally right over the border from Canada; Stowe is about an hour south of Jay Peak.  Not sure what the drive times are like from either Montreal or Toronto.


The weather in the northeast is highly variable at all times of the year.  I've had epic powder days in April.  I've also seen rain, insanely cold temps and t-shirt skiing weather.  You name it, it can happen.


Note that the northeast is off to a very slow start this season.  If you want to ski Vermont in April, I'd do it as a last-minute thing.  There's no shortage of deals / cheap lodging / etc. to be found at the time of year.

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Montreal into northern Vermont is ~3 hours, with variation due to weather and the U.S. border crossings.  Best to do the latter in a sleepy rural area than on a major highway with lots of traffic to back up Customs.  Whiteface in NY is a similar distance. Consider that if the Slides are open.


Toronto? 9 hours drive.  You  can fly/drive to Banff or Whistler in less time.

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Originally Posted by Tony Crocker View Post
Toronto? 9 hours drive.  You  can fly/drive to Banff or Whistler in less time.


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From Toronto it's a 4 hr flight to Calgary and a 1 hour drive to Banff... and you'll be in real mountains with mid-winter conditions.  Catch the red-eye and you'll be on the first chair, if your budget allows.


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