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WTB Marker Comp 20

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Looking for a pair on Marker Comp 20's in good working shape.



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I use Craigslist a lot for looking for used bindings. Scotskier is also a great wealth for used race gear. 

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Thanks I have been using Crazedlist to search quicker but no luck so far. Scotskier had a pair but I was too late, but yes he does have some nice gear. Thanks for the info!!

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I have a 2-3 pairs, in very good shape. They're up at our ski house, and I won't be able to send you pics, or ship for a couple of weeks. I won't be up there this weekend. How soon do you need them?

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Not in a huge rush but the sooner the better.

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I'll check back here to see if you can get another pair sooner. I won't be able to take pics, and get back to you until the 14th, and won't be able to mail them until the 17th. So if you don't get another pair before then, I'll be in touch. These are in good shape. My daughter gets two pairs a year, and rotates through,so that she has a couple of one year old pairs, and a couple of brand new on four pairs of skis. The paint on the heels is chipped, there is some scraping from tuning on the toe wings. They have all been bench tested before being out in use, and they are functionally perfect. 

Good luck with a quick response. If not, I'll get back to you via PM. 

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Jump at it. Muleskis gear is top class and he is a great Guy to deal with
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Thanks again for the help guys! I appreciate it! I will keep you posted.

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Muleski is a good seller. 

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Thanks SS and PP for the endorsement! I try! 

Cheers,  MS

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