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Need some suggestions

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I have been skiing on Salomon X series 187cm skis since I was 16.  I am now 29 and the Salomons are irreparably  bent and I am looking for some new skis.  I am 6'4" 190 and ski fast preferring high speed GS type turns.  The X Screams were flawless when used in this fashion.  I essentially learned to ski (intermediate to advanced) on these skis and finding a replacement has been very difficult. The weakness of the Salomons was powder, but on such days I would rent appropriate gear.


I have tried several skis this season and none of them seem to have a familiar feel.


To date I have demoed:


Nordica FireArrow Pro 80 180cm - Decent ski.  Very quick and fun, but unstable at high speed (possibly due to the 180cm max length).  They carved well and as the day wore on they grew on me, but I was not at all in love with their slightly wobbly feel underfoot at speed.


K2 Xplorer Apache 184cm - Had a similar feel to the old Salomons, but softer and easier to turn.  They felt like a luxury sedan - turns pretty well, good edge grip, stable at speed, but lacked some of the power of my old skis.  Stable but a little boring.  Probably the closest yet to the old Samolons.


Dynastar 6th Sense 181cm - The idiot tech gave me these on a very cruddy groomer day and these skis were AWFUL.  I understand they are probably a GREAT powder ski, but held NO edge on crud and the tips flapped all the way down the mountain.  These skis made me very weary of the new hybrid rocker/camber/rocker skis for frontside use.


Rossignol Avenger BSLT TPX  177cm - These skis felt very short to me.  I had trouble hooking up the edges, as the tails always wanted to skid.  Speaking of tails, I spent the whole day catching the tails on top of each other sending me flailing down the hill on one foot until I could recover.  I expected to love this ski, but was totally underwhelmed.  It might have been due to the length, but the constant catching of the tails on each other eroded my confidence quickly.  They also didnt want to go straight, with an incredible amount of instability at speed when bombing down groomers.


So I am stuck.  Unfortunately the amount of models to demo in my local area is horrible and none of the shops carry skis longer than 177 or so.  What should I do?  What should I try?  I was thinking about biting the bullet and buying Rossi Experience 98's, but after my bad Rossi experience with the Avengers (with much more frontside bias) I am hesitant.


Sorry for the length of this, but I am stuck and dont know how to proceed. Suggestions please?




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187 Blizzard Bonafide

184 Volkl Mantra

185 Nordica Enforcer

182 (maybe 189) Salomon Shogun


I just picked a bunch of skis off the top of my head.  Each ski has its own personality.  I'm sure these skis have been reviewed by someone.  Try using the search function.



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Originally Posted by jratch66 View Post

I have been skiing on Salomon X series 187cm skis since I was 16.  

Sorry for the length of this, but I am stuck and dont know how to proceed. Suggestions please?




The E98 will be very different than the other Rossi you demoed. Demo both the 180 and 188. Body weight wise, the 180 would be fine, but you're tall as well so it's hard to say which length you'd like, but the ski itself, I think it's safe to say you'd enjoy them.

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Thanks for the replies!

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Ended up demoing the K2s again and liked them more than the first time.  Bought a pair of 2011 Apache Xplorers for $450 with bindings.  Having skied them in various conditions over the last month I can truly say I love them.  They are excellent in packed powder to 18" of fresh.  Deeper and I might want something a little more floaty.  On hard packed ice they lack a little edge grip compared to my old Salomons (63cm waist), but that is to be expected.  They are still very predictable in icy conditions, but could have a little more grip. 


I would describe these as very stable skis for someone who likes to cruise at high speeds.  They are really a quiver killer for me and I am extremely happy with them. 

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