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Hi,  I was just looking/working on my skis and when I turned it on its side I found this.




While I think the skis (atomic nomads) may be shot I figured I would get a confirmation on that.  I believe (not an expert) the top sheet started to separate from the base. Happened sometime between Christmas and new years in VT.  Also if they are shot I would assume these being four years old (maybe five year old model but four years to me) they are out of warranty?  

Thanks for any help.

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I can't say for sure whether they are permanently shot, but it does look like a delam.  I'm not an expert on the construction of Atomics - most are Cap construction I think.  For some of my laminate construction skis I have epoxied the delamination back together with some success.  I think that SlideWright has some tutorials on his site on how to do this, as well as Tognar Tool works.  If epoxy doesn't work, you are no worse off than you are now!


Best of luck on this.



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