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North Lot parking Fee

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Anyone else bummed about the new North Lot parking fees?

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I was bummed last year when they began charging $20 for parking from Blitzen Chair down to check point Charlie but relieved to see them contain their lust for bucks to the weekend and Holidays. Mid-week was still first come, first serve. Now they appear to have given into total greed and are now pimping off all primo spots to the high bidder all the time.


I miss the Dupres. They knew how to make money and how to treat their customers.


I say Occupy the North Lot!


Voice your complaints to Anna Weltz at aweltz@7springs.com. She is listed as the Communications Manager for Seven Springs.

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I agree.  Who would have though anyone could have screwed up the business model that the Dupres had perfected over the years.  But then again we are talking about the owners of the Pi rats.  I plan on sending an Email. 

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My wife and daughter went there today and the parking around the Blitzen Chair was free again. Don't know about the North Lot. I'll be there tomorrow and if the North Face is open I'll check it out.

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Didn't make it to the slopes last night, but I heard that it was nicely groomed packed grainular.   Plan to go tonight and ski the North Face for the fisrt time this season. And I just read this.  I guess feedback does work sometimes!


Complimentary Preferred Parking in the North Lot for Season Pass Holders

Seven Springs Mountain Resort appreciates your passion and truly values your opinions. Your feedback and suggestions help us with our goal and commitment to be the premier four-season family resort focused on providing legendary customer service to all of our guests. It also helps us shape the future of the resort and the creation of new amenities.

For many years, we have been asked by our guests to provide preferred parking in convenient locations throughout the resort. This request led to the creation of the Blitzen Preferred Parking Area and Valet Parking at the hotel, both of which have been overwhelmingly enjoyed by our guests. To accommodate additional requests for preferred parking, we conducted a strategic review of the nearly 4,000 parking spaces on the property to locate another area for this amenity. This review led to the selection of the preferred parking in the North Lot.

Since opening a section of the North Lot for preferred parking, we have received communications from some guests who are not in favor of the program. Based on this input, effective immediately, Seven Springs will now offer the North Lot Preferred Parking Area as a complimentary amenity to all Season Pass Holders this winter, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Simply show your pass to the attendant for admittance. Season pass holder must be present to use this amenity free of charge.

Guests who would like to use this amenity can still do so at a $10 per car fee. Preferred parking in the North Lot is only available Saturdays, Sundays and holiday periods. We will also continue to evaluate other viable parking options for next winter.

Thank you for your dedication to the resort and your continued patronage. We look forward to helping make more memories for you and your family this winter.

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I didn't even get my protest e-mail sent. Looks like both preferred parking lots are free to the masses on the weekdays. I parked down by Check Point Charley for free today.

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Sweet!  Freedom reins!  I skied last night on prime Eastern packed powder. It was nice to get a longer run time on North Face.  The conditions were a perfect match for my Blizzard 76's.  Hope the heat today doesn't wreck conditions too bad.  I will find out tonight.

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Well spring came back again.  Skied Saturday AM to soft spring conditions and the largest crowd yet this season.  Got in much needed training runs on Gunnar. Things got ugly by mid afternoon between the crowds and the conditions.  It was all spring skiing my Monster 78s were a perfect match.  The North Lot is free to pass holders.  It appeared only pass holders were there as the far (free) side of the North Lot was packed and there was still open spaces on the pay side at the Saturday afternoon peak.  Skied Sunday on frozen granular and icy patches.  Looks like they made a little snow last night but now it looks like Thursday for the next cold blast.  I am planing on catching up on some much needed tuning and waxing until Thursday based on the mild forecast.

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I have also been there yesterday (Sunday) from 12:00 till 7:00pm. Best time to avoid the crowds- when there is a Steelers game!

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New rumor that SS is giving up on the paid North Lot parking all together.  Back to the good old days?

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Made the Springs Friday night (burr) Saturday and Sunday.  Very nice packed powder each day.  Today Steps is open.  Now the bad news Rain!

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