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"I Drive for snow"

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On my winter break i was up in Colorado and intended on doing some skiing. However... the snow is just not here, most resorts have a fraction of what they usually have open, and the base is laughable. I already had one petex job from a day out at Winter Park from the only black run open worth skiing, Drunken Frenchmen. SO... we drove


The next week, we packed up and drove the 5 hour drive to Wolf Creek which has about a 60 in base. We skied packed pow and hit some fresh tracks through slightly baked pow. The entire resort was open and unless you got off the main three lifts you would soon realize that everyone else figured out where the snow was. Fortunately we were on a lift that serves strictly diamonds, cant remember the name, but there was no lift line.

Be prepared for moguls.... but it was an amazing trip, and i love moguls!


OH! almost forgot... counted 30+ trucks from Texas. Those dam Texans.

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We are tempted to take a pilgrimage to snow. I know people who are traveling from Tahoe to the PNW and even Jackson. 

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Hood and Bachelor spring skiing. Fair coverage,good conditions and no lines. Got an inch of new or so coming in. But the FL can go from 2500-10000 ft in a few days.

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In the British Columbia interior the ski resorts are doing ok but not great. Just about all the resorts got snow last week but it has gotten mild right now.


Sun Peaks has all 122 runs open but some are not worth skiing just yet. Another foot of snow will change all that and bring us to normal snow levels.


Revelstoke will be horrible at the very bottom, but the Stoke Chair at the very top which covers 2000' vert, will be very good. Revy doesn't have web cams on the lower


I talked to some people last night who just got back from Kicking Horse and they said it was excellent.


I haven't checked their web sites but I'm guessing that Red and Fernie in southern B.C. will likely be wanting.


Whitewater is smallish but always gets tons of snow.


If you have never skied the B.C. interior, maybe now is the time.

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Originally Posted by DanoT View Post


Whitewater is smallish but always gets tons of snow.


If you have never skied the B.C. interior, maybe now is the time.

Whitewater is doing reasonably well. They're reporting a 67" settled base this morning, but they do have some 100" rocks...


Snow was firm on Monday, but it wasn't icy.


Whitewater lacks MJ style bumps, if that's what you want. WH2O bumps are not as rutted, because they have less traffic and more frequent snow. There's more space between them, as a general rule. Some of them are made by rocks, rather than skiers, and can have substantial drops on the downhill side.


The tree skiing is plentiful and in pretty good shape, although it gets better as the base approaches 100".


Whitewater is not as "smallish" as it used to be; in-bounds is something like 1400 acres. There is an open-gate policy, but there is considerable depth hoar in the snowpack, so the sidecountry should be regarded with great suspicion, as shown by several recent events in the BC interior.

It takes 22-24 hours of driving to get to Nelson from central Colorado.

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I'm planning a trip to Whitewater in mid or late Jan. so i guess the timing will be around the 100" base or close to it.

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