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I am looking for a new set of skis.  I am a new coach of a local youth ski team and I need to get something that will keep up with the kids.

About me:

Age: 39 but very active.

6'4" 200 Lbs.

I am pretty aggressive with my turns.

I used to race in college but I am just now getting back into the racing side of the sport after taking many years of working with my kids and free skiing with my wife. 

I just bought a used pair of Rossignol Radical FIS>27.  I wouldn't say I dislike these skis but the turn radius is way too large to effectively demonstrate technique to my racers.  I love that these skis fly but they are just too much for my situation.  I guess I am looking for a "cheater" ski that will hold a great edge yet not require constant attention.  I have been looking at the Fischer WC RC but I am afraid it will be too much ski.  Other options include the Volkl Racetiger and Rossi non FIS.  What do you recommend?  I'm hoping to keep it under $200.