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Hi, Just bought an Icelantic Shaman 184 cm. on line. I need to know what binding and where to mount it. There are no mounting lines on the skis. I ski a Nordica Speedmachine boot Mondo 31 boot length 350 mm. I am 6'2" tall, weigh 220 and have skied for 50 years. My home mountain is Whiteface so I don't ski powder often at home. I do make a western or European ski trip every year and look for powder when I do. I don't ski it well. Currently I am skiing a Volkl Bridge Rocker at 177 cm with Mojo bindings mounted with the center of the boot at the ski center line. These ski well but did give me some trouble in a foot of powder last year. I admit to skiing tentative due to knee surgery and was keeping the speed down. I'm considering a Look PX 12 XXL Binding for the Shaman. 


My local ski shops do not sell Icelantics and most locals here have never heard of the brand. No one has a template of jig for them so I will be mounting the binding myself. I have been mounting bindings for years now so this does not intimidate me. I am very careful in the mounting process.


Any recommendations and advise here will be greatly appreciated. 


Just an old ski bum saying thanks in advance,