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BCA Squall Backpack

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Does anyone have any experience with the new BCA Squall Backpack?

I can't seem to find any interior pictures or reviews on the new pack.

I also can't find any shops near home that have a pack I could look at...



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Just got one.

No experience yet.

Simple roll top.

Seems well made (China, arrgh).

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Would it make a good pack for school (40lb. of books) and the backcountry?

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How many textbooks is 40 #?

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this much

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I think it would fit them all.

The pack has plenty of room for

skiing applications. Simple design, no divider

inside, so everything is together. Back panel access

for food and drink (other than the water bladder)

For the weight of books (dead weight) you might

look at Stash BC (7 liters bigger) with its' padded

waistbelt.  Squall has webbing belt. No dedicated

helmet carry.  Simple, basic.

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Thanks! I have a Burton AK30 that has a padded waist-belt and I never use it so I think I will be okay with the weight.

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