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Since the link to new member intro doesn't want to open for me, I thought I'd just start here.

so, hello everyone.

i'm not new to skiing, started in 1978 when I met a ski instructor at the beach.

i'd never skied before and she started skiing at age 5.


Well November came around and these kats that were great skiers came calling to take my GF on ski training trips, some went on to World Cup.

I told her it was cool, I had other athletic activities and didn't really get the whole ski thing.


At about the 3rd time in with these trips I figured I'd better learn to ski or get a new GF.

So, Xmas day 1978 she took me to the local mountain and I had my first skiing experience.


i said we hAve to go to Tahoe for New Years, after a quick trip to Mammoth Mtn where on my 3rd day skiing she guided me into Cornice Bowl.

Not pretty but got it.


Drove to Tahoe, no reservations.....passed about 300 no vacancy signs and finally found a 'quaint' hotel in Tahoe over New Years 78/79

Skied a different area each day, I think we stayed about 4 or 5 days.


Made a monster out of me and I got free lessons....

We ended up getting married, going on multiple ski trips, kids, ski trips w/kids, kids gone, more ski trips.

Kids ended up ski instructors, I taught part time for about 6 yrs, PSIA certified.


Moved to Colorado for the skiing.

Love to ski the trees but like all aspects of skiing; bumps, steeps, blues even.

see you on the pun intended.




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 Hi Trees! Welcome aboard, I'm fairly new to this forum too. 35, skied only 5 years, improving intermediate and hooked!

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Trees, welcome to Epicski. Thanks for pointing out the broken links.  They should be working now.

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Welcome to this forest of a forum trees.  Welcome to Colorado.  Growing up skiing all over this state I know you'll find the variety here you seek.  Enjoy your stay.

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Welcome, I'm a n00b as well, enjoy CO

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Welcome to the forum Trees.   I'm currently an East Coast skier, but would like to move to Colorado in a couple of years myself.

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