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OK folks, let's see your worst, wildest, wickedest, white knuckle mountain access road.  Two years ago I trusted the GPS in a whiteout blizzard to take the quickest path to Beech.  It took me nonono2.gif "the back way".  I had a brand new Subie with brand new rubber under me so I didn't panic too much when every other vehicle I saw (mostly old pick ups) ware chained up.   Last year I decided to go this way again because the roads were dry, but I got 5 miles in and hit a road block so I had to double back and take the regular way.  Today I decided to try it again since I wasn't in much of a hurry. This is State Highway # 194.  It isn't a logging road or fire access trail.  It is pretty close to the sketchiest paved road I've ever driven.

It's about 15 miles of this..



This one actually had a guardrail.  Most are just sliced off posts




Apparently this section washed out.  This is around where it was blocked off last year.  They precariously etched one lane back in to the side of the cliff.  They do have a remote powered stop light allowing traffic only one way at a time.  That back hoe is right on the edge of the cliff.  I swear bumping in to it would send it over.





Getting a bit tight here!




And breathe!  Lots more tight switchbacks on both sides of this. 




With very good rubber I'll do in in a storm.  But, with average or close to replacement time tread I'll take the other way when it is dumping.