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It Finally Snowed!

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Winter arrived here in the Mid Atlantic today , just in time for most of us to have to return to work tomorrow! Better late than never, but it would have been much better if we could have timed this event with the holiday vacation schedule.


Here's hoping this isn't the last of Old Man Winter coming through the area. Long overdue for sure. Glad to see some snow fly finally.


Need to scheme something up to catch a few hours  on the hill before things moderate again.

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The Laurel Highlands getting hit now. Just back from the Springs. Still very limited terrain but that should improve over the next 48 hours. It's been a long time coming, I hope it stays around awhile.

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I was at 7 springs over New Years and finally on Monday it was snowing.  They were blwojgnsnow as well.  Finally they are getting snow on the slopes.  I saw the new Urban terrain park and it looks very cool.  I will take pictures over MLK weekend and post on the resort page.  Not much to post this weekend since almost everything was brown and green. 

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I skied F/S/S/M at Elk on a handful of trails. Very light in terms of numbers of people (was that lucky). With the warm weather and rain Sunday, conditions went a bit downhill but overall still very acceptable. Monday afternoon was great, got about 2'' of lake effects snow that was so light and airy it reminded me of Utah. With the cold weather they should be able to cover a lot of the rest of the mountain during this week.

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Just in time for it to get warm over the weekend...I know: I'm a jerkmad.gif

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This winter s*^@s Pete Schwetty's Holiday Balls.



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I skied at Seven Springs neighbor, Hidden Valley and the conditions were surprisingly good during the Holidays. In fact, I spoke to several folks who said The Springs' condition were'nt worth skiing. December 29 was an especially good day at HV. If HV ever decides to open the new trails they cut on the Route 31 side of the mountain, I believe they will give The Springs a run for the money. Unfortunately, my skiing holiday ended so I had to miss the powder day this week. However, according to Crackuweather, the weather pattern is changing and we can expect the 2nd half of January to be rather cold here in the balmy east.
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