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Icelantic Shaman Binding and Mounting point

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Hi, Just bought an Icelantic Shaman 184 cm. on line. I need to know what binding and where to mount it. There is no mounting line on the ski. I ski a Nordica Speedmachine boot Mondo 31 boot length 350 mm. I am 6'2" tall, weigh 220 and have skied for 50 years. My home mountain is Whiteface so I don't ski powder often at home. I do make a western or European ski trip every year and look for powder when I do. I don't ski it well. Currently I am skiing a Volkl Bridge Rocker at 177 cm with Mojo bindings mounted with the center of the boot at the ski center line. These ski well but did give me some trouble in a foot of powder last year. I admit to skiing tentative due to knee surgery and was keeping the speed down. Im considering a Look PX 12 XXL Binding for the Shaman. 


My local ski shops do not sell Icelantics and most locals here have never heard of the brand. No one has a template of jig for them so I will be mounting the binding myself. I have been mounting bindings for years now so this does not intimidate me. I am very careful in the mounting process.


Any recommendations and advise here will be greatly appreciated. 


Just an old ski bum saying thanks in advance,



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You don't use a template or a jig for a specific ski. Jigs are binding brand specific and adjust for different ski widths. Hopefully the local shops have modern wide jigs. Otherwise you need to use paper templates and do a bunch of messing about...


I have not looked at recent Icelantics, but historically they had several embossed markings indicating mount points for alpine, tele, etc. Look very carefully at the top of the ski & the sidewall and see if there is a small arrow or line marking with the letters "bc" representing boot center. If you find multiple confusing markings, I'm sure someone here can clarify further.


As for bindings, search will reveal this specific question has been asked before. And may reveal useful info. Given your personal specs, Salomon STH 14s are likely a very good choice. Likewise griffons/jesters (although the Jester DIN range might be on the high end for you), Pivot 14s, etc. I have not used PXs, but there is no reason not to use them as far as I know - but I'd avoid lifters. The list goes on... Just be sure the brake width is appropriate to the ski. Your DIN setting will be low because of your big boot size. But your weight will likely make you want a "tougher" binding than your DIN setting will "require". The trick will be finding a sturdy binding with a low minimum DIN.

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I would think BC would be the way to go on the 184. I went +1 on my 173's when I switched bindings de to the short tails. 


If you are setting them up for AT you can do just about anything. I have mine with Dynafits and the tour really well. 

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If you look on the the top of the ski around the center there will be five marks engraved in white along one side - BC-I (boot center) CC-I (chord Center) and I-C, I-B, I-A (for Telemark). The Icelantic website  ( http://www.icelanticboards.com/faq/ ) says


"For alpine bindings, the dash by the “BC” mark denotes the Boot Center.    On the Da’Nollie, the “CC” dash is for Chord Center; this ski is center-mounted for park skiing galore!
    For Tele binding, use the following chart:
        Tele – 3 Pin Line
        A – Boot Size 29.0 and over
        B – Boot Size 26.0 – 28.5
        C – Boot Size 25.5 and under"


I have a pair of Shamans and they are my favorite ski.  I too bought them online without  trying them and mounted them boot center.  After a few runs I had a sinking feeling that I had made a foolish mistake.  Then I noticed that if I leaned forward very aggressively they were a lot more responsive.  Since I had mounted them with Railflex HD14's I was able to move the boot center  15 mm forward of the mark and it was night and day.  They became very responsive and I started to have a blast on groomers, in trees and in the pow.  Hence I suppose my suggestion would be, if possible mount a binding that has some lateral adjustment and if you can't, I'd advise mounting forward of BC mark - those huge shovels respond to being pressured.

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Thanks very much for the help.


The Shaman does have BC-I..     CC-I..    ..i..C..I-B..I-A marks on each ski.


I ski a DIN of 7 normally but do move it up to 8 to 10 when it's very icy or I am skiing very aggressively and don’t want to lose a ski. I currently have Marker and Solomon bindings that go to DIN 12 and a Mojo 15.  I am a skier not a “parker” as my years on skis may indicate. The Look PX 12 XL has a 115 mm wide brake but can not be adjusted back or forward. I will look far a shop with a Look Jig or template. The fifteen mm forward mount sounds good. Will this affect skis ability in powder?


I came across an article at: http://www.ehow.com/how_4600064_mounting-alpine-ski-bindings.html#ixzz1i987DmBJ


That site recommends ignoring boot center marks and finding the true center and than mount the binding from true center to 6 cm back from true center for all mountain skiing. I would love to have a demo binding o I could move the binding back and forth a bit but that probably won’t happen. It looks like I will go CB to 15 cm forward. I have to check with my local Guru that skis Whiteface and Utah powder (a month or two each season) before I finalize.


Thanks so much again,




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Evo has some good deals right now on a variety of bindings including some adjustables and demos such as Dynastar demos for under $70 (same as look PX12 I think) Marker Griffon demos for under $160 and Jester Schizo's for about $250 - all with brakes >100mm.




probably worth a look ( or in this case a Dynastar - Ha Ha)



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Thanks to all, I bought a Marker Griffon Demo Binding. No shop in the area has a jig so I am looking for a template to use to mount the binding myself. If anyone has one I would appreciate them posting it so I can print it. adkron

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