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I can't wear contact lenses due to the type of astigmatism I have.  OTG goggles always seem like an afterthought for goggle makers so people like me are stuck with the 2-3 companies that make them, unless you want to drop several hundred $ on Rx goggles.  I've been using Smith Knowledge OTG goggles for 3 years and have never really been satisfied with them.  My glasses fog a lot and are difficult to unfog plus they feel too big.  The cutout area that fits over my nose is kind of small and I always have to fiddle around with them to get it situated just right so I can breath properly.  I also use a Smith Variant helmet so they mate up quite nicely.  Years ago I used Bolle OTG goggles and last week decided to go see what they have to offer.  I found the X-9 OTG with photochromic lens at a local shop and they fit really well with no helmet.  They had a Smith Variant helmet in my size so I could test them together and they mated up just as well as the Smith goggles.  I've now had a chance to use them for a couple of days of skiing and I really like these goggles.  They're a bit smaller than the Smith goggles but fit much better over my nose so I don't have to fiddle around getting them into place just right.  They fit over my glasses a bit better, my glasses never fogged and the photochomic lens really works.  The vermillion color of the lens also provided a lot more definition in the shadows than either of my the Smith lenses.