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This is my first post!

This year I want to perfect the art of short radius turns; the two skis I'm looking at are the Head x-shape STX and the Icon TT80.
I only ski on piste so no off-piste/powder sknow skiing.

I have a few questions:
* Which of these skis are better for short radius turns?

* Which is more stable at higher speeds (straight downhill skiing)

* My height is just over 6 foot (184cm) and weigh 12 Stones (78 Kilos)

* I'm thinking of getting 170cm skis- do you think they are too long?

* Will these skis still be suitable for carving (GS)


Thanks a lot for your comments!



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Welcome to Epic Ski where ski purchases love to be discussed.


Below is a recent thread about this year's Head carvers.


Both skis are excellent carvers and a 170 would be a great length. I'm about your size and I ski the 170 Supershape (no longer available).


If cost is an issue, the x-shape mtx is a great value and will support your carving needs , the Icon, which is more expensive, has metal and will be more stable. The Icon is a more sophisticated ski but in the US it is almost unknown outside of few carving ski addicts. If you are looking for a real GS ski, look elsewhere, as both are not designed for that. Very fine lines of distinction between these two. Tough call, unless $$$ is an issue.


If speed is important, look at the Head iSupershape Speed.

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The STX is similar to the Supershape in that it is designed for shorter radius turns but somewhat less demanding. The TT80 has a more all mountain bias but will still carve short to medium turns. The biggest difference is the size of the tail.  The TT80 has a narrower tail which trades off short turn carving for all mountain versatility.  Both good skis. High speed, TT80.

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Thanks a lot for your replies! The Icon TT80 (2011) is actually about £100 cheaper than the Head x-shape STX here in the UK...
Is this the Head i.Supershape Magnum SP13 you are both referring to? It's only marginally more expensive than the STX.

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Below is the link to Head Europe's webpage for the iSupershape Speed. It is slightly different from the iSupershape Magnum. Watch the podium of any World Cup race where a Head skier stands and they usually have the iSpeed in their hands. Search the below site and you will find info on the Magnum. The Magnum has a slightly wider waist.


The '12 and '11 Head Supershapes have something called Kers technology and all 4 are a more advanced ski than the Icon, and, probably a lot more money. If you can get a leftover Icon in 170, I say buy it. KERS technology is supposed to stiffen a ski at high speeds and is not a great advantage for a recreational skier.

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I read about KERS but it was good to read in your comment that this wouldn't really add much benefit to a recreational skier! So I guess I will have to decide between the Icon TT 800 and the X-Shape STX. Is the Icon TT800 (2012) generally regarded as a more "professional" ski than the X-shape series? I'm a bit concerned that the X-shape skis might be too unstable at higher speeds, given my height & weight.In this case the Icon TT800 might be a great compromise between speed and the ability to do extremely short radius turns.
Also, is there much of a difference between the Icon T80 (2011) and its successor the TT 800?
Thanks for your time in replying!

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I doubt you could go wrong with either in a 170.....

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Thank you all for your replies, just ordered the X-Shape STX!

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