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Salomon Force 9 Skis w/ Salomon 900S bindings

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Apparently these are a pretty old ski. I'm hoping to make them my very first pair since I found some on craigslist in faily good condition for $25. Are they worth the 25? I looked online for some reviews and couldn't find any but they are 183 cm. I consider myself a pretty damn good skier on rentals but recently I've been skiing on my uncles kastles which are way longer than rentals and I thought it would be time to get my own pair even if theyre crappy just to start learning about maintenance etc. Comments? Thanks!

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You might be better off with rentals.  The Force 9 is an older ski that was released in the mid 90s.  It does not have a modern sidecut, so you will be fighting the ski to get it to carve.  The S900 bindings, which are well made, can no longer be worked on by an authorized repair shop.  Some may work on them if you sign a special waiver.


If you want to spend $25 to have a test ski to practice tuning, I am sure that the guy will happily take your money.



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Thanks for the input I really appreciate it.


Recommendation for something else?

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Just about every ski retailer has some sort of ski and binding setup that costs around $249.  It could be a model from last year that the shop got on a special buy to extend the savings to its customers.  The skis will ski as well as rentals or better.


Some shops have used rental and demo skis that have been retired out of their fleets.  These have been greatly reduced.  You can get a decent product at a decent price.


I'm not sure what your boot situation is.  If you don't have a set of decent fitting boots, you should be looking for those first.



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I've already got a solid set of boots that I've used a lot. My uncle handed them down to me and they fit surprisingly perfect. Thanks for the advice. After a little bit of work or so this season I should have enough for a $250 set up. 

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Went to my local shop today and told the guy there that I'm probably going to start on patrol soon and since I finally stopped growing that its probably time for my first pair of skis. He recommended the dynastar outland's....thoughts? I did some research and they look like they are directed towards what I'm trying/going to be doing but it'd be nice to have some more experienced insight. Thanks

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Originally Posted by rob31 View Post

How about these guys?:



If you search on here you will see the low opinion people have of the Salomon Scrambler.

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