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Atomic 9.12 lengths/150cm?

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Hi. I was thinking about buying a pair of 9.12's in 150cm for all-mountain use basically. I am a low-mid 9 level skier looking to improve some subtelies of my carving technique, which I should be able to do at a slower speed on these than my K2 Mach G's require. Plus, I want a fun ski in short-mid radius turns, and something I can put around with my girlfriend on. Is the 150 going to be versatile, or is it likely to lock into a short-radius turn and not have the versatility for medium-radius arcs? Would the 160 be a better choice? I am 5 foot 9, 155 lbs. I have not been able to ski this ski, but I really liked the K2 Mach S and Volkl P50 SL in comparison, although I am having trouble getting them in my length. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on any of the above skis? Thanks for the help.
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My review of exactly that setup is posted somewhere on the review board. We're about the same size, but different abilities, so I hesitate somewhat to answer your questions, but I've found them to be shockingly versatile, and surprisingly stable at gs speeds. A friend who used to be a high-level racer and coach in the early 90s (and hasn't skied much in the interim) also had the reaction that they were really fun for gs turns, and he weights more like 165.
The caveat is that you need to have very solid technique to keep them stable at speed: real arc-to-arc modern gs turns, not just kind of going straight and then throwing your skis sideways.
Also, if I get another great deal through my coaching connections, I'll be selling my current pair + 614 bindings (all in near-perfect shape) in the fall for about $350. But then again you can get great closeout deals now in stores, plus I won't know until Sept whether I'm selling these.
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Thanks for the post. I guess a misquoted my ability, it is solid carving, but somewhat traditional: up and down unweighting for inital steering angle, pushing inside ski forward for angulation, hips to the inside and down, with counterrotation (I have been really working on the counterrotation now that I can get more angulation with shaped skis, which I bought for the first time this year, my old Salomon 9E's were 8 years old). Anyways, it sounds like these skis will work for me in your opinion. Thanks for the reply.
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I think you will really like this ski even in a 150. My experience has been that you can just dial in whatever turn radius you like. More angulation just means a tighter turn. Yes, a 160 would be better for the occasional off piste adventure, but if you have good technique you'll do well everywhere. I weigh a 140 lbs and so a few extra pounds shouldn't matter too much.

You might consider a day or two with a top instructor to learn how to ski this and other highly shaped skis. Try a summer race camp for a week. (www.snowperformance.com) You don't do the up unweighting or down unweighting thing. Stay balanced without forward pressure and just go on edge and let the skis do the work. Keep your upper body upright and facing downhill. I have had to unlearn 30 years of old skiing technique to get the most out of this ski and it has been worth it. The best part is that the new techniques are easier and take less energy. This means skiing faster, better and with less effort.

I just bought the NBC 2002 Olympic Winter Games DVD (only $12.49 at Costco). With this you can really check out the technique that these guys and gals are using.

Also, a similiar ski I like is the Rossi T-Power Viper. It is a few dollars less and comes in a 167cm.
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Dear Dawg, I sent my comments concerning the Atomic 9.12 to your post in the "gear review" section. johnsill
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