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Help Matvej buy skis!

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Hey guys,


Ive been reading the forum a bit and am trying to figure out what skis i need.


Here is my story: I am a beginner skier as i have only done one true ski day lol. However, i have athletic background as i play pretty much every sport reasonably well. Ive been a soccer player all my life, i use scate/rolleblade. I ride motorcycles and bicycles. My first day was done at the Hunter Mtn in NY ( 2 hrs from NYC). I am a 6'2'' young male and 165lb naked (175? geared).

When i went to Hunter Mtn, i rented the equipment there. I was given 130cm Ross skis. I spent all day in the "learning center" section (if any of you are familiar with it). At first i was in the middle slope (the easiest one) but quickly i for bored with it. I learned how to make quick turns and abrupt stops to the point where I'm spraying snow when i do it. I soon started going down the most left slope (when facing up hill). THis is their most "intense" slope in the learning center but is still considered green and intermediate. I got very comfortable with that slope and found myself looking for higher humps where i can pick up more speed as i felt in control. Also, throughout that day i wiped out only once. The snow was pretty packed and the temp was around 36" F. 


So here is my Q: I am looking for a set of skis that would bring be the most enjoyment. In retrospect I realize that the skis i was given were way too shots for me (130cm), so maybe thats why i was so good on my first day. I am looking for skis to ski on packed snow. I also need something used so that i can sell it in case i "grow" out of them.


Sorry for the long post, and help is appreciated.

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Welome to Epic.  If you haven't already seen this posted here, BUY BOOTS FIRST.  Seriously, boots are way more important than skis.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology.  Then check the list of fitters to see who's near you, make an appointment and go get fitted for boots.  If your boots don't fit right, you can't control your skis, you feet will like hurt and be cold.  This is the most important investment you make in skiing, so do it right the first time and you'll save money in the long run.

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I am going to expand on Mtncyclist's reply.


Don't get stuck in the mentality that you need a beginner's boot because you are a beginning skier.  If you ski enough, you will quickly outgrow the performance range of the boots.  Many of the boots in the sports performance category will allow you to progress further than a set of lower end models.  You will have a set of boots that you will be able to ski in for a long time.  Fit is everything, so get it right the first time.



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Some boots can be softened by removing fasteners in the back. My dragon 120s have it. Once you find a boot that fits you won't want to give it up. A good boot will last years, liner packs out? New liners.
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