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Long ski course in Euro

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I am an intermediate  skier, and I plan this year to make a big progress in my ski skills.

I plan to make a trip for 2 month in Europe, I would like to have some recommendations:


  • To which Country is the best to go (I prefer the ski training over the opraski) & my first preference is Austria
  • Ski school &instructore
  • Does some schools have  long term for instruction course (or I need to start each week a new course).
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Can any one help to build a training program for 2 month (what shall I look for in order not to take a course which is begin each week a new course- I would like a continue course).


I can perform a good carving but I know I need to so some impovement,I can do easy+  black diamond.




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What's your first language? Where are you based now? Would you want to ski for the whole 2 months in the same group? Do you have any specific goals?


I'd say probably the only courses that run for 2 months with the same group would be instructor training courses, but the focus would at times be on how to teach, rather than solely on personal skiing. There are tonnes in the alps, some run by BASI, those tend to be in Switzerland and France though. One that a friend of mine works at in Austria is, they offer free ride and race camps too, though I am not sure how much is in English.


Other than that there are quite a few schools in the alps offering higher level group coaching, as far as I know they tend to be only a few weeks long though. Maybe you could get a private instructor, more expensive, so you may be able to afford less time per week, but be able to focus specifically on what you want to do.

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My  language is English, I would like to build a program plan in order to become expert as possible in order to make me ready to perform an ski instruction course next year, despite my good available to ski I know that I need to exercise a lot and make some approving in order to be ready.

About groups the less requested situation is that I will start each week a new weekly course & new group.




As Jim wrote “Other than that there are quite a few schools in the alps offering higher level group coaching” – I look for those schools web site or their names.


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I've heard good things about Warren Smith, based in Verbier. 


If you are planning on doing an instructor course, you really don't need a 2 month session to prepare you, I had only skied 6 times before I did a 6 week course to get my level 2. Just do it!

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