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What did I do to my bindings?

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My normal skis are in the shop right now, but I want to go skiing, so I grabbed an old pair of skis I haven't used in what must be at least five years. I had set the DIN as low as it would go while in storage, and today I tried to crank them up to my normal setting. I got to turning a screw but nothing happened. I turned it a bunch both directions. Then I noticed that the DIN screw was elsewhere, and now I have no idea what I did to my bindings. Here's a picture:


It's a Salomon S912Ti. The screw I first turned was the large one on top.


Taking a closer look at the binding, there's some gunk seeping out of the heel piece:


Should these bindings still be OK for use? I'd be taking it easy on the hill until further maintenance.

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This is why we don't have nice things. mad.gif


You adjusted the toe height adjustment screw. Back it back out about 4 turns. Take a flat credit (w/o raised numbers) card, PM me the cc number along with the 3 digit on the back, mothers maiden name and billing zip then put it on top of the AFD (the white slippery part that is under the where the toe sits and put the boot in the binding. With the CC between the boot and the binding pull the cuff of the boot backwards to release pressure on that CC. Turn the screw that you shouldn't have been adjusting in the first place righty tighty-lefty loosy until there is resistance in trying to slide the CC back and forth. Now that you are well beyond your binding limits, Then take them to a shop so they can set the DIN properly and make sure the wings are adjusted and the forward pressure is correct.



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Phil is right about the toe piece.


The gunk is grease.

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The screw at the very front changes the DIN. If you are using different boots than the last time you used those bindings, there are other adjustments needed as if they are off you can ruin either the binding or yourself. Perhaps the shop at the hill that will do it while you wait. Call them and ask but be prepared to rent.


Reminds me of the lady that came up to me when I was working at the depot. Said she needed to know how build a deck as she needed one that day. Said she would also need to buy a hammer and saw.

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