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Big Sky conditions

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So after canceling my tahoe trip for next week and contemplatingany other locations, I found a good deal to big sky and will head there for a few days of skiing Jan 7-11. Never been, but I know they got a foot the past 2 days?

How is it skiin with the new snow? I found a list of open lifts but not sure what off
Each lift is open in terms of advanced/expert terrain. What are some fun parts of the mountain to ski for 2 advanced/experts. Any good trees open?
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I just got from BS yesterday and the conditions at BS and MLB were good and got better with each new inch of snow.  MLB and BS both have some good tree runs.  I hit BS on days when visibility is better, and do the runs in the bowl, off of the tram or Challenger, but there are good trees off of most lifts.  Some parts of Lone Mtn are thin because of wind even in the best of seasons so expect a few rock clacks.  Challenger had good snow on the north facing runs with fun trees back to the lift.  Shedhorn had some good skiing but it faces south and the snow crusts in the sun.  The trees off of Thunder Wolf lift were good, but the bumps on Crazy Raven, Broken Arrow and Mad Wolf were even better.  Watch the prevailing winds and determine where the powder is accumulating. 


MLB has long tree runs that hold snow along time.  I like skiing Lone Tree into Break Heart or follow the ridge to Double Jack, Single Jack or Trapline.  The runs off of the Headwaters lift were boney in the traverse, so expect rock damage.    You can get 5 packs of tickets in Bozeman at Albertson's and the Round House and save ~$10 off the normal ticket prices.

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I skied Moonlight yesterday. Way better than before the last storm.  Too bad the wind hit MLB hard and Lonetree was hammered- serious wind pack, but at least the coverage was decent.


I did my first Headwaters run of the year. I had to down climb/slide slip into Cold Springs (first major chute I believe), but there were some great turns in there-well worth the couple of scratches on my skis. Someone was trapped in 3 Forks-they took skiers right instead of the dog leg and were trapped above the choke point. It took the patrol close to 2 hours to get him/her out of there.  I don't know why they didn't hike back up-unless they lost their skis.


I was going to head over there but decided not too after seeing ANOTHER rescue in the same place. 

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