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Whistler Jan 18th through 22nd

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Any advise for a first time visitor? I have heard it can get croweded. How is it on a weekday? I prefer groomers, and of course would love a few inches of fresh powder. Where is the best apres ski?

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Just go and ski.  You won't believe what find.  Groomers, they've got.  There's so much apres action you won't be able to even look at it all during your time there.  The only place you'll notice the crowds if they're a problem is in the lines for the lifts.  Also, some groomers get a bit crowded, but if you look around you'll find deserted ones even on the most crowded days.  If you get off of the groomed slopes you'll be all alone.


Have fun.

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don't worry about the crowds there are no Canadian holidays in January. Weekend traffic can be a bit heavier but there will always be areas on the hills where you can still ski right onto the chair even on a busy weekend. Be sure to take a trail map with you. Taking a  free mountain tour with one of the ski hosts on the first day is a good idea they can also give you some local recommendations which will best suit your level of skiing. If your inclined try the free demos. The huts are set up adjacent the Peak to Peak on both mountains (take a credit card for security deposit)   


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