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MA of my son from early this year. Thanks!

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Hah ! Let me be the first.. MA mah ass.

There is nothing to say except to bulk up and age a bit. Nice stuff... In my dreams... and why did / have to go through lace-up boots and cable bindings and goggles that fogged... rear-entry boots on straight skis.


I hope this is the only post because if the Eengleesh Murrderrrenn crew here gets hold of it... your son will ski on twin tips....Fakey. Yo' Dude and Park only.

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Not sure where the MA part is there but thanks for showing us the vid. He looks like he enjoys himself. With his back to me I can't see if he's smiling so there is really not much to go by here. 



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When you can trench like that, what's not there to smile about...


Still working on discipline arms, especially at end of turn. And as always loading front of ski and patience, even moreso with upcoming, idiotic forced march back in time to straight skis...



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Great skiing. Very good skills irrespective of age. Minor observations offered for the sake of discussion. 


Sometimes too tall in transition. Transition is originating from upper body and not legs

Partially due to riding out edges rather than managing pressure to release skis into the next turn. 


I say get him in the moguls and let him have some fun. He'll quickly learn and develop feet initiation and pressure control there.


PS. A video from the front would be nice and might make for a more thorough analysis.

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Jim, very good balance for his age.


However, IMO there is some room for improvement. He needs to learn to balance on the outside ski. He uses his inside leg as support under the body. It will not hold on a hard race course. To do this it also seems that he has an artificially wide stance.


Difficult to see from behind but there might be some aft stance as well.

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(Where's Charlie Sheen when we need him? - #RIPPING!) Buey's edge control moves are most impressive. This is a great example of carving to GO! and speed control through turn shape. The amount of extension into the new turns is also impressive. Too many other nice things going on here to list them all. 


To get to the next level, I agree with Jam that balancing against the outside ski is the key component. Try the tug of war drill. Two people stand parallel to each other with their skis facing across the fall line. Each grabs one end with both hands around the shafts of two ski poles held together. Downhill person tries to tug the uphill person down. Uphill person tries to resist. Uphill person tries various positions to determine the strongest one. The weakest position is feet close together, flat edges, hips and shoulders facing the side of the trail. The strongest is feet about shoulder width, high edges, hips below the knees, hips and shoulders facing down the fall line and standing against the downhill ski. Hint: downhill person needs to assist the uphill person find the positions versus actually trying to pull uphill person down and must also resist the urge to let go and dump the uphill person.


If you look closely you will see slightly diverging skis in both the left and right turns (more noticeable on left turns). Several turns have slightly unequal edge angles. Alignment issues could be a contributing factor (I hear a little bird tweeting to look closer at the right foot, but I need to see more). Although the turns start with the upper body in a countered position, the upper body is turned into counter prior to launch into the new turn versus finishing a turn by having the lower body turn more than the upper, then having the center flow into the next turn. The latter approach would facilitate releasing the old turn smoother. Another drill to try is railroad tracks: see if Buey can leave perfect pencil thin lines for two complete turns (arc to arc) with the exact same distance between the tracks all the way. Do this first at slower speeds on flatter runs to take the ski bend factor out of the equation.


These changes will take a lot of work and frankly won't improve performance much. At this stage of development it's time to choose between just having fun, perfecting groomed run skiing or working on a different ski experience zone (e.g. park/pipe, racing, moguls, back country[powder] or teaching).

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Thanks for posting this.  My 7 year old twins stepped it up a level after watching Buey.

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Thanks for all the great and instructive comments!  Here's his latest...


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