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"Light camo" boardpants

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Has anyone seen these on the mountain?


I'm trying to cop a pair but they are either all sold out or too big for me. I can make a large work, but an XL is too big. 


Does anybody know of a way I can get ahold of these? I would be willing to pay a little extra.


If anyone knows of a pant with a similar pattern that I could look into, that would be awesome too. 



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Additional info: These are 2009 Burton's, does anyone know where you can cop older edition pants? I'm gonna keep scanning eBay periodically.

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Wow - not what I expected for "camo". Never seen them. It never hurts to call Burton and ask. Other than that - keep watching ebay.

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Think I just saw a pair of those. Will try to figure out where they were and let you know.

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Or have some self respect and get a pair of black pants. cool.gif

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Rob 31, I will not cast doubt on your personal preferences ... if your lucky maybe Burton Outlet has what you seek: 



Thanks for e-mailing us here at BurtonSnowboards! I would recommend getting in touch with our Burton Outlet stores,who carry our 2010/2011 product at a discounted rate. Please review thefollowing contact information for these stores to get in touch with them:
Burton Wrenthem Outlet: 508-384-9773
Burton Orlando Outlet: 407-235-1300
Hope this helps!
Ashley K
Burton Snowboards | Rider Service
1-800-881-3138 | M-F 8am-9pm Sat-Sun12pm-8pm EST

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