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Colorado Family Advice

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I have been to Beaver Creek/ Vail a few times about 12-15 yrs ago.  When your headed up there from Denver what do you experts consider to be the best family resort closest to Denver?  I do some biz in Denver and we have friends there.  I was going to try and schedule a biz trip and drag my 8, 5 and evil empress for some R&R.  


I was looking for ski in/out amenities with the best kids programs.


I am not that much concerned about the terrain as anything there is better than the conditions here in Michigan.



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     You will be spoiled by the treatment @ Beaver Creek, just make sure you bring the Gold Card!

  About 2hrs from Denver, Keystone is closer , and kids love that place, but my vote would be for BC!



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I also grew up in Michigan and now live in Colorado.  You will be happy happy happy with the skiing here.  


Winter Park is a probably the biggest resort closest to Denver, and if you stay at the resort you'll be close to some great family skiing.  If you stay in the actual town you'll have to drive a few miles to the lift, but it doesn't sound like you're going to do that.


Copper is similar, though a little bit farther.  You really can't go wrong with Copper, Winter Park, Keystone, Breck, or Beaver Creek.  What's more, some of these places are so close to each other that if you feel like it you drive a couple miles and try a new slope.  Have fun.

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River I have been to many of those places just curious what the best "family" place was.  Not even sure what that means.  I guess the best family food, best youngster ski schools etc.  


Where in Michigan are you from?



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Breck is hard to beat for family trips cuz of the town if a member doesn't ski/ skis only a little. The town is also great at night to walk around. That being said the beginner terrain at Breck gets extremely crowded.


Is there a particular reason you want ski in/out? Because I think one of the best combinations would be to stay in Frisco and ski at copper. Then you get some town life and much less crowded mountain. 

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When have skied at Copper and Winter Park I have seen a lot of little kids.  In particular, there is a designated part of the mountain that is pretty much only easy green runs for kids to learn on.  Sometimes these runs are even cordoned off so that the kids aren't in danger of getting run over by somebody flying by.  Copper is even better in the sense that the whole west side of the mountain is only green runs and that makes it safe for kids.  


However, both places have a really wide variety of skiing that extends back and beyond the part of the mountain you'd see from the place you're staying.  Blues, blacks, trees, bowls, bumps, and if it's a good day of snow: powder.  They got it all.  


I have always liked the food choices I had and my kids would too, though as usual the prices at the mountain are expensive.


If you're staying slope side both have a lots of stores and restaurants, though lonewolf210 is correct that staying in Frisco and skiing at Copper (or whatever resort you decide is best for you) would make a lot of sense.  Really, any of the big resorts in Summit County would be terrific.  They all have lessons and activities for kids.  When I went to Winter Park last year I actually stayed at YMCA of the Rockies - Snow Mountain Ranch.  It's a little less fancy but I was quite impressed with the stuff they had for kids: big indoor pool, craft room for kids, sledding, ice skating and more.


btw: I grew up along Lake Michigan in South Haven and Holland.

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1.  Winterpark

2. Keystone or Copper (tie)

3. Vail (pricey)

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thanks for the responses


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Forgot to mention Winterpark has great ski in/out.  

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