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Winter is back in the Northwest!

I just got back from Crystal Mountain today, it has snowed 15 inches last night and the last several days leading up have had 3 to 4 inches a night. Needles to say it was epic with snow dryer then usual. Sadly Southback (back country) was closed for most of the day due to bombing but the peak chairs (High Cambell) and the side country (Northway) were incredible. But as incredible as how much snow there was, it was also incredible how many people showed up. At the main chair to get up to the middle of the mountain (Chinook Express) there were at least 200 people in line, forming about a 12 by 20 person blob. from above it looked similiar to a riot. But as the day went on people dispersed and the lines were no more crowded then on a busy weekend. (about a 5-10 min wait max)

There is still lots to be skied and since the grooming machines were not running, the majority of runs were becoming mogul runs.

I demoed the Volkl Katanas in 184, they performed very well in the conditions, from wide opeen bowls of powder, to later on in the day cut up bowls, to trees and on pist, though I have skied better mogul skis to say the least. All in all a great day at Crystal Mountain Washington I reccomend all to go while it lasts. And with more snow in the forecast that may be a while.