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I need suggestions for a race binding for my 12 year old daughter that is compatible with junior lug boot. 


She has a very small foot and in her size (mondo 21) the boots have the junior toe and heel lugs.  The Marker M10 Comp is supposedly compatible with junior lug boots with an adapter plate that screws on to the AFD plate on the toe (basically a shim), but the amount of slop that remains is unacceptable in my eyed and that of her coach (yes, we have enough forward pressure).  It is no where near as solid as the same binding with a large lug boot. 


Marker does sell a 7 DIN junior binding, but she races at an 8 din, so that won't work.  I also really try to avoid having a binding where we need to be in the "ends" of the adjustment range, so I want at least a 10 DIN binding.  I'm not that concerned about brand, or even compatibility with the stock Marker plate.


What bindings do folks use for kids with really small feet?  As soon as we go up one shell size we will be in the adult lug, so any binding will work, but for this season, I have an issue. 


To get by, I've installed a pair of Salomon 914s, because the toe piece is adjustable for both height and width, but I'd like to find a more permanent solution.