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Shop over grinding my S7's

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So I took my ski's in to get a full tune because I'm heading to kicking horse next weekend.  I went in to the shop and asked if they did these types of ski's (they had this years S7's and Super 7's on the wall).  They said "No Problem".  I picked them up today and looked at them.  The tips and tails have all been over ground, some spots half of my side edge and base left..  One spot on my ski tail there is a Gold circle with the R, it was ground nearly all the way to the fiberglass, they took off the graphics with the grinder and left me with less than a 1/16" of edge.  You can clearly see the transition where he screwed up royally. These skis have never been base ground, got them last year and didn't want to do it till there was more snow this year.


I don't want to say the shop quite yet as their boss is going to look at them and get back to me


Do you think i should ask for a new pair of skis?  I'm really really really.....Really Pissed.  These were my babies.



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These horror stories always show up just after I drop my skis off at the shop.


I'd definitely ask for a new pair of skis. Sounds like they ground all the life out of them.

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Shop just contacted me to apologize for the screw up.  They've offered me new 2012 S7's.  Going to miss my Koopman top sheets though, was one of the main reasons i went with the heavier directional S7's (i don't do switch much) over the JJ's.


Very happy right now ski.gif


P.S. I skied the crap out of those S7's.  Like 6 core shots...

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Just picked them up with a free set of K2 Utility Carbon poles as a sorry.  Impressed I am.  They're going to try and warranty the old ones with Rossignol, don't think that's going to fly.  Their complaint was the Gold circle was softer than the rest of the base, but they did it to the tails and tips of both ski's where there was no gold base.



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good to shops owning up to their mistakes. enjoy KC, such a great place for those

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Originally Posted by richiecski View Post

good to shops owning up to their mistakes. enjoy KC, such a great place for those

There's going to be 20cm of fresh stoked.

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First run of the day, went into moguls, forward twisting fall, incredible pain. Torn ACL. Bloody fantastic.
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