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Race suit size and model Q

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Im 190cm and 95kg. Sofar Ive been using an XXL speed suit. Now I was looking at a new suit and tried a XXXL. It felt really good but not as tight as my old XXL. I also tried a XXL in the shop and it fit but was much tighter. Should I go for the tight XXL or get a more comfortable XXXL? The XXL is supposed to be fitting 180-190/<100kg and the XXXL 190-195/>100kg.


Also, should I get one with SL paddings all over or should I buy a speed suit and then buy padding to go under the suit? They also have a GS suit with detatchable paddings (whatever that is). Im skiing all masters diciplines except DH but I dont like skiing without any armour. The SL suit has lots of padding. The brand I was looking at is www.beyondx.com .


Any input much appreciated.

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Just keep in mind, that the suit will stretch with use.  If it felt good and it was not as tight, it is too big.  Suits really are not supposed to be comfortable.  Do not try to fit a suit standing up....  They should be fit while in an crouch/tuck position....  The method I use in my shop is kind of simple, if you can easily pull your arms out it is too big.  If you cannot get your arms out it is too small.  If you struggle but can get your arms out it is close to the proper size. 


Beyond X makes nice stuff and the USA rep, Peter Atwood is a good guy and happens to live in the next town over from me.  If you are looking for an XXL made out of D3O material, I have a Spyder FIS padded GS suit that I am trying to unload.  Make me an offer and it could be all yours.  The guy I ordered it for can no longer pay for it and it is too big for me..... 


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TuckerDH, thanks for the offer but Im buying our club colors. Sorry. And we are located in europe. BTW, what would that particular suit cost? Is it a USA team suit?

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