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CTKook, you need to have someone read your statements before posting, they're starting to make no sense. Plus, senseless attacks that have nothing to do with this thread have this thread heading for a train wreck.




The 97%/99.997% humor was directed at the history of the mellow-groomer freecarve crew on here of claiming to be better than 97% of skiers, or in some cases 98%, or in some cases saying they don't see good skiers anywhere in the front range, etc. etc.  In this case, hearing that Heckuva can make any shape turn at any time on any terrain was hilarious, and more of the same.  Heckuva's statement in this thread that "those who hold other ideas on the topic have probably never truly had their hips forward when skiing so arguing something they don't understand and haven't experienced is not productive" is another rather funny but typical debating approach of the mellow groomer crew.  What makes it all particularly amusing is that, based on the viddie that Heckuva chooses to put of up of himself making turn after turn on mellow groomers, he is in fact generally backseat and not getting forward.  And that's just on a mellow groomer.




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^ I agree, hips back does not equal backseat. I also agree with Kevin about moving forward into the next turn - I like that way of thinking about it. It just feels like being one step ahead of your skis, and anticipating your path down/through the terrain. It's true I don't have all the technical language to describe it, but you can feel when your COM is leading or moving in time with your skis....a state of readiness. I define that as forward. In many circumstances (for me at least), doing that entails pressuring the boots, so it just seems like a good mentor cue. But maybe not. 

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Ask yourselves how often you have heard race coaches yelling as an athlete passes by on the course: "Back, get back, you're too far forward!" Then consider how often coaches, even those working with top level skiers with fewer than 50 FIS points, urge the opposite. Why do you think that is? 

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I have skied with Helva and IMO he is the real deal. Just wish he would have came into the trees with me but he was on GS skis and I was on Midfat twins.....so I can truly say he was awesome all around. I think Helva would tell you my biggest problem is taking decent video of myself.....


Very few people are skiing as dynamically as Helva, just wish he and the rest of the PMTSers wouldnt put down the PSIAers so much. Their chief does set quite a precedent against us though. 





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Guess what? Time to lock the thread. This is not a thread about Heluvaskier or blue-groomer skiers.

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