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No snow!? Wanna go for a bike ride :)

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…with the pin coming out of my hand next Wednesday, rather than grabbing a ski pole I’m motivated by this video to grasp my drops for a ride on the dry roads ;)




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Trying to plan a vacation to that area with the family so I can ride some of those roads...


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Those descents were nuts:  rocks the size of basketballs, narrow roads with cars ascending, amazing riding.  


Looks like an interesting place to ride. My buddy and I are thinking of a trip to the Dolomites, though.  I've got to lose 20 pounds so I can climb that stuff.



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Mike, I suppose those rocks make the PRO’s better riders.  And to think, I complain “where are the street sweepers” when experiencing some gravel going up Deer Creek Canyon rolleyes.gif 


David, my physiologist was born and raised a cyclist near that area of Spain and will say to us we need to vacation and “learn the art” of cycling over there cool.gif


…of course regardless of overseas cycling thoughts…with the current weather we’re experiencing, road cycling is the primary athletic pursuit now for Betsy and me.

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You are making better choices than I.  I'm beating my head against the hard snow.  22 days in now, with a trip to Aspen next week.  I should take my bike.



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Mike, say hi to Weems for us please.  We've mentioned to him that Betsy and I plan to pick up cgeib and make a run over there for some turns soon.  


But you make a good point, take that bike along.  Beautiful riding.  Lance loves it biggrin.gif


Ski (and bike) well!

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Hey Don, it's supposed to be 65 here tomorrow! Perfect riding weather, so of course I have to work late.....

I'm relegated to the trainer again tonight.

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^ good to read you here David!  


Say...Betsy and I were up at the UCH campus just this morning as my surgeon pulled out a 2.25 inch pin binding my intermediate phalange, 5th PIP and proximal phalange.  Damn thing has been in there for 5 weeks, and to celebrate, we're going up to show cgeib the pin and make a few hard pack runs on Thursday.  I know not much has been missed snow wise but I sure need a run or two.  A longish rode ride is in our plans for Friday.  We need to give you a call soon as we're up at the campus often...we'll try and grab a coffee and discuss a ride/ski plan icon14.gif

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Try Mt Graham, Pinelenos, Arizona. One of Americas best.


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Don, it was so nice today I rode outside at lunch rather than indoors before work.  What a spectacular day for a ride -- 65 degrees an no wind.  I got my 22 mile loop in that includes the wall from the Morghul.  It shows how my skiing is costing me cycling fitness. Oh well, it is the off season.



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Planning ride this weekend along the Sacramento River Delta north of the Capital. Great cycling weather. It's not skiing, but it's not a bad alterative smile.gif.

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Hi Don- I'll PM you my cell in case you don't have it. I'm right across the street at Children's. I should have called you today- I was at the Basin and finally there were good conditions! Not much terrain but the snow was nice and soft. Even though all that was open were groomers it felt good to get some nice carvy turns that didn't make noise! I still have to file all of the burrs out of the edges of my old skis after Beaver Creek last week. Regards to Betsy.


Mike, While you got all of those nice outside miles I was relegated that evening to an hour on the trainer watching Andy Schlek's amazing break in the 18th stage of the Tour. Quite a race, but the trainer is still boring!



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I've got two days in this week. I'm trying to figure out if I'm riding to train for skiing, or, riding to keep fit for next riding season?

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Originally Posted by Living Proof View Post

I've got two days in this week. I'm trying to figure out if I'm riding to train for skiing, or, riding to keep fit for next riding season?

Oh yes... I'm with you LP.  Had it not been for a snowfall to jack the roads down here we'd have not gone up to ABasin today and prolly gone out for a metric cen on the road bikes...thinking of next season form.  Glad however that we did...the turns turned out to be good x-training for cycling biggrin.gif



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What cycling up over Loveland Pass to ski ABasin today might look like on a training ride...



Very clever ad by Garmin.  While I do like my edge 800 I have not used the virtual training partner feature...might just try that now.

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Don, that's amazing.  I guess some of that type of training is in my future.  I just (stupidly?) signed up for Thomson's Trans Dolomites Challenge in mid-June.  Here's a link to the trip:  http://www.thomsonbiketours.com/trips/Dolomites-01/index.html


Given that my previous steepest sustained climbs were Grand Mesa and Slumgullion Pass, this will be a real challenge.  I need to drop at least ten pounds and increase my sustained power.  I suspect that, come March, there will be a lot less skiing and a lot more riding significant climbs in the rain and snow.



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Wow!  Mike, that Dolomite ride looks amazing.  I'm envious.  Such focus for you to nail your power to weight training in prep for those climbs.  And what great sustained climbs they are, those are the ones that steel you as a cyclist...the 7 to 10 percent grinders.  Awesome opportunity and we'll look forward to a detailed recap biggrin.gif


I thought I'd add this short vid where watching it brought me back to the days when I was much younger riding with the "older" kids.  I could just think and feel the enthusiasm this young boy must have had being helped along by the "big dogs" :


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