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No Longer Lurking

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After 9 years of lurking for free, I've finally decided to pony up the $ to become a supporter. I have gotten much enjoyment and info. from Epicski over the years and the price is certainly right. I pretty much decided to join after I had the fortune of getting Bob Barnes as an instructor at Copper last year. What a cool guy! My daughter has a non refundable college ski trip to Crested Butte starting 1/3/12, the conditions don't look too good and the forecast isn't much better. We had planned on going to SLC on 1/13/12 for 5 days of skiing but again the conditions and forecast don't look good. Because of a recent trip report for Schweitzer it provided the necessary motivation to switch our SLC plans to Schweitzer. 100% open, getting snow currently and a good forecast. Wouldn't have pulled the trigger without the Schweitzer trip report.


I'm in front of a computer 6 - 7 hours a day in Milwaukee, WI. so I'll never be a prolific contributor but I certainly live vicariously through those of you fortunate enough to live the mountain dream.


Happy New Year and On Wisconsin!

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Thanks so much for becoming a Supporter, young5797!


Happy New Year Everyone!

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Welcome to the world of Bears out of Hibernation!



Glad that you had a chance to ski with Bob Barnes.  He's among my favorite Bears to ski with and a wealth of information.  


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