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Marker Squire Binding Repair

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Today I was tryign 180's and when riding away switch the brake on my right binding caught and broke. When i got off the lift for the next run i noticed and took my skis off and the one brake arm came off and the plate that goes under the heel came off too. This was my forth day on these bindings and I need to know how to go about solving this problem in the most cost effective way. Thanks.

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Take your skis to your local shop or any authorized Marker dealer, see if it can get Marker will cover it under warranty.  Most likely you will get charged for shipping and any kind of labor.



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Originally Posted by RyBand0 View Post

 the one brake arm came off and the plate that goes under the heel came off too.

did the heel piece of the binding pull out from the ski?? Ouch. Best course of action is to return to the shop you bought the binding/ had them mounted and have them replace the brake arm and helicoil the holes. Ask what drill bit size was used for the ski, most twintip skis are supposed to be drilled with a 3.6mm bit not a 4.1mm bit, if a 4.1 is used it can weaken the mount causing screws to pull out. What ski is it?

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I think the OP is referring to the plastic around the brake.  If thats the case the brakes can easily be replaced and I think they typically run in the $30-50 range for a pair.

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