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North Face discounted anywhere?

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Need a Windstopper fleece to go with my North Face shell, anyone know of a place that discounts them? Searched far and wide and can't find anyone.
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If you are from Medford, OR then this may be a stretch. There is an outlet mall in Birch Run, Michigan that has a North Face outlet that has HUGE discounts. It is an outlet though, so they don't always have the most popular sizes and styles. Although you can get lucky. You might try an internet search to find the phone number, call and ask. It might be worth a try.
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Campmor in Paramus NJ. They may have a web site. They are reasonable but not deeply discounted.
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Sierra Trading Post sells North Face at a discount. They don't have their complete line but you can find deals their if you watch for them.
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I have a friend who has found some great deals on North Face on eBay. Not sure how consistant those deals are...but he saved quite a bit of money.
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RC and eb-
Welcome to EpicSki!

NF has (had?) an outlet near their factory in Berkley,Ca.
But for other Windstopper, try OpenAir Wear web page based out of Towson,MD. They usually have great prices on all kinds of fleece and such.


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TNF also has a outlet store in San Francisco and I think San Jose
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There used to be a NorthFace outlet in Bend, Oregon, just south of town towards Sun River, that advertises a pretty good sale between Christmas and New Years. There's a high end outlet mall--LLBean, Columbia, etc.--and I'm pretty sure NorthFace is still in there.
And of course, the folks at Mr. Batchelor will be happy to help you spend your savings before you get back to Medford.
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Thanks everyone but I did find my fleece at the sportsbasement.com saved 20%!
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good for you, i was about to recommend sports basement (here in san fran) but you already found it...i was there today to pick up parkas for my daughters, they have a huge north face supply, all first run stuff, from 20-40% off.

i bought a north face mountain light parka last year on ebay for a very, very low price so everybody should check out there as well. tnf is notorious for overproducing and then discounting..it looks like sportsbasement is one of their primary outlets.
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I got a North Face windstopper fleece in May at the Woodbury Common outlet village, upstate NY. About 40% off retail if I remember.
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