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  • Improved photo upload page
    We added a selector to the photo upload page that lets you select the target album you want to upload to, or create a new album on the fly. Previously you had to click into an album and only THEN could you upload photos. It's a simple enhancement but a good one, and also paves the way for a few of the Galleries improvements that are still on the way. This is the only image gallery change to be aware of in the Jan. 4 release. Phases 2 and 3 of our Galleries overhaul are still on the way in future releases.
  • Product addition: support for new vendors
    Until now, we've used Amazon's product search engine almost exclusively for on-site product addition. After release 48, we'll be able to utilize Amazon or any other Commission Junction vendor who offers a search API. If you think there's a CJ retailer whose inventory is better for your site than Amazon, let your MSP know and we can begin the process of switching you over.
  • Performance improvements
    Forum list pages saw some performance work in this cycle (any page that begins with /f got about .25 seconds faster to generate on the back end). HTTP request bundling was also optimized further. 



This is the bug list at present. This is subject to change before the release date, and does not include things we fix on an emergency basis between releases. 


  • 7838 - Problems with incorrect image embed URLs were corrected.
  • 7860 - We resolved an error that was preventing infractions from being applied to user-added products in some cases. 
  • 3017 - It will now be more clearly messaged to the user when reviews are automatically held for moderation by Defensio .
  • 7325 - A couple of category-specific product add problems were resolved (Irons on The Sand Trap, for example).
  • 7362 - A small alignment issue with unread PM highlighting in the homepage module was resolved.
  • 7396 - Sidebar in-page messages had problems with links not clicking. 
  • 7495 - A few problems adding images to new products were resolved.
  • 7688 - We improved the responsiveness of the search results to image additions and deletions.
  • 7711 - Some users received verification emails with malformed "click here to verify" URLs. The process by which these are generated, expired, and regenerated on resend is now more robust. 
  • 7745 - Users attempting to use censored words in a thread title will now see the more specific error message: "Oh my. Santa's been informed you have a potty mouth." 
  • 7792 - The subscribed threads page experienced some serious issues with sort order and pagination when the "only show unread items" preference was on. This has been fixed.
  • 7783 - Isolated display issues with partially expanded sig-rigs on Overclock were sorted out. 
  • 7803 - We now make empty default galleries invisible so that Google won't try to crawl them (404s lie within).
  • 7840 - Incorrect meta description tags on Article pages were fixed (thanks Rob)
  • 7859 - Several Javascript load order errors in IE were fixed
  • 6758 - Post-edit time limits no longer apply to Classifieds forums (thanks Erik)
  • 7317 - Cleaned up permissions around profile question approval tool. This should be more straightforward to grant now. 
  • 7409 - Pregenerate thumbnails for album pages so they load faster.
  • 7416 - Solved some isolated problems with navigating articles by tag.
  • 7420 - The "Cancel" button in the full page editor should now play nice with IE9 
  • 7732 - When clicking into an album, directly to the last image, the functionality to click the image and go to the next one was broken for the entire duration you browsed that album (what a mouthful).