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Goggle case

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I'm looking for a goggle case for my new io's.  I was hoping to get a hard case but all I can find is a yellow one on amazon.  Does anyone recommend a good case that can get thrown in my bag without worrying about damaging my goggles?




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The Smith case fits their frames very well - and gives you the advantage of very good ventilation, and padded protection for two extra sets of lenses.  Mads just got his a few days ago - he may be a good source for a recent, unbiased review?



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I've been checking out the smith cases.  I haven't found too many high reviews on them.  If you guys say otherwise I'll pull the trigger and order them.




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What constitutes a "high" review?  They're well made with solid zipper and materials, they hold goggles securely without being overly bulky, and add extra protection for the I/O series lenses, they allow everything to dry out nicely...


I'm not sure where this case merits any sort of demotion.  We've used them in our office for years and they simply work.  Of course, as with any consumer product: YMMV

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I have some smith cases sitting around because I replaced them with Ziploc containers. Stronger, and fit more extra lenses for i/o's (always have them in the "2 sleeve" bags that Smith provides).


Drill a few holes in the bottom so moisture can escape, and for a couple bucks you'll protect the goggles, and a bunch of spare lenses.


Save the money on the Smith case and go to walmart, target or wherever and make your own case.

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