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Base Edge angle and ice

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Skied our local hill in central NY today. Very limited runs, and what was open was all skied off manmade.


I was on my PE's which are a few years old but freshly tuned (by me).


I felt like the entire hill was a sheet of ice with a few small piles of snow here and there to hit and make turns in.


My wife on the other hand felt like it wasn't that bad - and usually she is very challenged by icy conditions.  Today she was on brand new Prophet Flite's - first time on them.  I tuned and waxed them last night, with a very very small base edge angle...used my 1 degree base guide but just barely touched the base edges with it because I wanted to be careful to not over do it. Side edge is a 2 degree bevel.


My oldest daughter was also on brand new K2 Missconducts.  Tuned the exact same way as my wife's Flite's. She also didn't' think it was that slick, and appears to be making turns on stuff that I was sliding over sideways.


My other daughter was on Line Celebrity's that are a few years old and she also had some trouble - but the skis were new to her and much stiffer and bigger turn radius than what she was on last year.


When I got home I checked my base edges with a straight edge and a feeler gauge and I think it's well over 1 degree - more like 2 degrees.  


I know that's too much, and I'm going to get them ground this week -- but my question is how would that affect the ability to have any grip at all on ice?  Am I just a crappy ice skier, or do I need to re-tune my skis and get it right this time? What base angle do I want for really icy conditions (which we seem destined to have all year)?





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It;s not you Bill,really. It's the skis.wink.gif Both your wife and daughter had new ones and you had old ones. Might be a while before you live that one down. I know how you feel too. Went up today and got put in my place by the conditions. Icy/very fast with lots of traffic,bad combination.

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either of these tunes should work:

                                                 1 degree to 2 degrees (pretty standard)

                                                 1 degree to 3 degrees (sharpest edge)


your tune on older skis without a base grind will not give you the tune of a brand new ski, or at least not the sharpness, thus the lack of grip.

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Dav - so a stone grind and resetting the angles should help a bit eh?  What's the typical frequency for stone grinds?

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