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Best snow conditions right now

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I am going to be in Salt Lake City area  from Jan 9th to Jan 15th. I know its a few weeks away and its hard to predict, but where should I go to find the best snow conditions. I was thinking about driving up to Jackson Hole for a few days and some skiing at Alta. I have never been to Utah so any suggestions would be great. I also know its a bad snow year, but a little help finding deep stuff would also be great. Driving 300 miles is not an issue for me. 

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Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee are getting hit right now. After this weekend though, looks to be a period of dry weather until at least time you get there. I would try to stay flexible and see what forecast looks like shortly before you go. if utah looks to get hit, stay there. If not, think about options such as JH and GT. Without a significant dump, there is nothing deep in utah right now.

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Targhee is in by far the best shape now.  Jackson and Alta/Snowbird are ~2/3 open, need one more big storm to get in decent shape.  Jackson is skiing better now since its snow is fresher.  If it doesn't snow for a week conditions will be similar.

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This pic is Crystal Mountain, WA 12/30/2011.  About 170" of snow so far this winter.  I did not take this picture but was there that day.  It is skiing that good right now and there is more snow in the forecast.  


Oh, I have to leave here tomorrow to go back to work in Utah.  Have been enjoying the skiing there this winter, but not this much.


Enjoy where ever you go.



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Crystal was really lovely this weekend, good snow AND great visibility.

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