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3 Surgeries, 3 Cortisone injections and PT, No relief in my knee

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Hi there I am 17 years old and an avid skier and soccer player. My problems all began when I was in soccer practice and tore my ACL and MCL. My MCL healed on its own and I had my ACL reconstructed in November of 2009. The surgery went well, no complications it took me a while to get rid of the swelling and to get full range of motion. I had comstant pain in the back of my knee whenever I extened my leg. 7 months later (June 2010) my medial plica inflammed and had to be removed. Woke up no complications and still had that pain in the back of my leg. I tried to return to my full athletic ability but my first game back my knee gave out and that put my season on hold for 3 weeks. I was told I had a severe bone bruise and sprained my MCL. I went back to play and ended up having so much pain it was difficult to hide from the coaching staff. My OS ended up surprising me at one of my games; took one look at my knee and shut me down for the season. I went and got an MRI and he said it all looked fine, and said he wanted to do a diagnostic arthroscopy, so I agreed. When I went in for my

pre-op he mentioned that if he goes in and finds something then great if not then he's going to re-do the ACL I wanted to skii for my schools ski team again so I didn't want him to redo it at all. 

(May 2011) He found another inflammed Plica, and lots of scar tissue.


To today, I skiied on the ski team in February/March of 2011 and now I still have that severe pain in the back of my knee on the outside near the portal went, and on the inside near the inner portal. I was given a cortison shot and it worked well for a week it diminished the throbbing feeling and decreased the swelling. Now at 10 days the pain walking, and doing any physical activity has increased and has become sharper. The swelling is a lot more and I'm not sure if this is normal or what would be next. Surgery?Brace?Crutches?Physical Therapy? I used my crutches today because the pain is so intense.


I've taken Ibuprofen and all the anti inflammatorys my mom and OS can think of and hasn't helped.


Any recommendations, or reassurance on what my OS may do when I see him next week would be a great big help. Do I ask if Reconstructing the ACL again would be a good idea? or is that rude? 

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First welcome to the forum!  Next, what was used to recon your acl? What type of therapy / rehab did you participate in?

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Thanks! I had my own Hamstring used to make my ACL graft. I was in a sports rehab therapy program the best in my area. I started 3x's per week until I recieved full r.o.m and then decreased to 2xs per week and then to 1x per week and then finally to every other week.

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Have you had an x-ray to see if any hardware from the surgery may have dislocated?   I had an ACL reconstruction in 2008 and had pain below my knee toward the inside that wouldn't go away.  An MRI didn't show anything and I was able to ski the following season without incident but still had the pain.  Eventually a bump formed around the pain site...almost felt like bone.  Finally almost two years after the surgery, they did an x-ray and we could clearly see one of the 'bio-absorbable' screws hadn't bio-absorbed and was just kind of broken off and floating around in tissue.  Went in and had it removed and the pain was gone.

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In did have an x-ray and everything looked fine, along with the MRI I had. The MRI he said showed something around the screw in my femur but manipulated my leg around to try and see if it hurt me but it really didn't. Now that he did that nearly two weeks ago that spot is real hard and I've lost flexion. I can't extend all the way because my knee won't allow me to do that because of the tightness.

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I am curious about the PT: was it sport (functional) in focus & did they address the soft tissue especiallly the graft site for the hamstring ?  Was manual therapy a part of the program?

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It was sport specific therapy and they did tissue massage, and ultrasound and stimulation along with strengthening and sport specific rehab.

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It sounds like since you have done the full rehab circuitry , you may need to start again w your doc & reestablish your plan.


One of the key areas we're looking at now in PT is return to ski readiness & what is the criteria.  You would be well served by planning a RTS program w your doc & PT if there is nothing wrong w the knee.  Ask for help if you are not getting the support/ results or if your team is not comfortable w the demands of RTS progression.  There is nothing wrong w requesting another set of eyes!

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