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Thanks, PCMR Patrol & staff...

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    I want to thank the PCMR Ski Patrol and Lifties for looking after my teenage daughter on Christmas Eve.

 She had a bad crash at the bottom of King Con run, a 200' wide steep groomer that runs from the top of the King Con chair to the bottom of the Silverlode chair. Because it's so wide and somewhat steep, you can pick up a lot of speed GSing it- and it bottoms in a high traffic area so it has nets spread across the bottom with 3' wide lateral gates spaced along them to slow and channel skiers & riders.

   She had her new skis on, got overconfident, hit the gate hot, hooked a tip and went down. She didn't get up.

 The first guys on the scene were park rats (like her) in baggy outfits in bright colors, some visible only to the eyes of bees. They were very concerned and protective. I'd sidestepped back up the hill by now, one of the boys crossed her skis uphill, and she sat up, blood on her face. Another of the kids was an out of uniform patroller. He had on a bright turquoise shell and looked to me to be like, 16- although he had to be older. I was really impressed with the concern, courtesy and professionalism of these kids- and everyone involved.

   Someone had a radio, and a liftie came up from the Silverlode chair and directed the uphill traffic coming through the gates away from us. Then a uniformed patroller showed up, this time a very senior guy named Paul with snow white hair and real gentle manner. He laid down next to her on one elbow (it was steep) and ran through all the first responder stuff and checked her for head injuries. She was wearing a helmet.  He manipulated her leg to see if there was any pain, torn ligaments, etc. He took a lot of time at this and was very thorough, very patient. She checked out fine, just shaken up but not seriously injured. She had some road rash on her face from hitting the hard snow in the crash, there was some blood, a very fat lip, and she'd left a torn hunk of her ski pants stuck to the gate. Paul had zip ties and we shored 'em up.  Another patroller skied up, ready to call in a toboggan. We didn't need it.

 She was able to stand, she was mobile, just embarrassed and shook up. Paul helped her click into her skis on the steep slope, and we were off with thank yous all around. All in a day's work with a happy ending.

  I got her a grilled chickenburger, that cheered her up a lot.


Anyway, thought I'd post this in light of the patrol bashing from the Snow Basin video. Thanks to all patrollers everywhere for blowing down those avis, stopping the bleeding, toboggan rides, and above all, taking care of the kids.


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Nice post, Mr. Crab. I'm so glad your daughter got up and skied away to enjoy her chicken burger! 

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Glad she was able to ski off from the crash.

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Good to hear that she was able to get up and ski away.  

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Nice post. My experiences with patrol,(limited to Snowbasin and Snowbird) have also been very good. 

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Great to understand the skills these men and women possess. icon14.gif

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