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Just wanted to highlight some good service.


I have a pair of Atomic gs skis that I break out on icy days when there's nothing to do but blast groomers.  Last season, the healpiece of the race 412 bindings failed.  These bindings were a warranty replacement for the previous version of the binding that was recalled (and had failed).  I brought the skis to a local shop that carries Atomics and asked them to reach out to Atomic, hoping for a warranty replacement.  After several months, with occassional check ins, the shop said that Atomic said they could not offer a warranty replacement because they no longer manufacture that binding and the bindings that they currently manufacturer don't fit the plate on the skis.  They suggested that I try to find a leftover pair on eBay, maybe go to the 614 because those were never recalled.


So I started looking and did find some options.  I also did some research, including here, and found that even the 614's had a history of failing.  I came out of the original bindings at speed when they failed, I was fortunate that the slope was empty and I was not aimed at anything.  The more that I thought about it, the prospect of putting a binding that seemed to have a design flaw back on a ski that would be using primarily to go fast was not appealing; especially a bindig from eBay.  I started lookiing into getting a new pair of skis for carving.


Some more research here on Epic suggested that the new Neox bindings do mount on the plate.  So I took a look and sure enough the plate had dimples and was stamped with three binding names (Xentrix, Race, and Neox).


I took them to Today's Edge in Stowe, along with a decommissioned pair of Metrons which had Neox bindings on them and asked if the Neox's could be mounted on the GS9's.  Doug took one of each ski out back to check, He cam back in about 5 minutes and confirmed that he could do it, said that he actually had the binding partially mounted already.


I paid for a mount and tune.  I spent most of the next week blasting groomers on them...not much else to skii right now.


If the other shop had told me at the time that they could put the Neox binding on, I would probably have just bought a new pair from them (forgetting the other ones I had in my basement), or at least would have paid them happily to mount them up.  Instead this episode has removed that shop from my list of ski shops that I do business with (there have been a few other less than satisfying interactions with the shop previously).


Today's Edge does great tuning work, takes time to give good advice, and continues to earn my business.   Just wanted to share this story since I believe that good service deserves a reward.