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My RX8s are dead, help me build a demo list

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OK, after a couple of years of denial, there's no longer any ignoring the fact that my beloved 2005 RX8s are toast. No camber, no rebound, floppy shadows of what they used to be.


What did I love about them? Quick, light, lively, could make about any radius turn I wanted with them. Loved carving all kinds of round turns with them at close to silly speeds sometimes, and beer league "oh my gosh, look at how deep those ruts are" racing. I thought they gripped really well on the eastern "firm".


What didn't I like about them? Not much. They did get kicked around a bit in the crud, and with a 66 waist, didn't float too well in anything much over 6". But I've got a pair of Nordica HR Pro Burners better suited to our Eastern "powder" days.


Me, I'm probably a level 7 or 8 skier, late 40s. Ski about 20-30 days a year recently, on the east coast.


I'm looking for suggestions for skis to demo. I've never skied an early rise or rocker ski, and for the purposes of replacing the RX8s, I'm not sure they'd fit the bill here. My list so far


Fischer Progressor 900

Fischer WC SC Pro (for giggles)

Nordica FireArrow 74 EDT

Nordica FireArrow 80 Pro/Ti

Head i.SuperShape Speed


Thoughts about these? Other suggestions?

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Elan Waveflex 14 Amphibio

Stockli CX and SX

Kastle RX12 and MX78

Head i.Peak 78 Pro (may be a great match for the feel of the RX8)

Blizzard Supersonic


Also heard Movement has a great frontside ski


I haven't skied the narrower offerings from Salomon, Rossignol, Volkl, or K2.  I do really like all of the above skis.  I also have a pair of P900's on order, and the SS Speed is a really fun ski. Have fun demoing! 

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My same vintage RX8s did the same thing as well as the top sheet delam they were noted for.  Replaced them year before last with a pair of Progressor 8+ and am very pleased.  I felt right at home on the P8+ immediately and they have all the hard snow performance of the RX8 with more versatility.  Very good bump ski and more usable in crud and a bit of powder than the RX8.  Not sure how the new Progressors compare with last years, but the P9+ was considered more of detuned race ski while the 8+ and 10+ were more all-mountain carvers.  Suggest you get some suggestions about how the new P800 and P1000 compare before you zero in on the P900.

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Blizzard Magnesium SLR

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2nd the WC SC and the Head SS speed or you might like the Head i speed.  The SC will be like your RX8s on steroids.  The speed will be a little more towards the GS end of the compromise.  I would also be tempted to get an Atomic D2 Race GS (it's not really a FIS Race ski), will seem more solid and also biased towards GS end of things (obviously).  


Then, if you have the cash,  there is the Kästle RX SL (like rx8/WC SC) and the Kastle RX (better suited to higher speed longer radii turns) to consider.  Decisions, decisions....


Personally, I really liked the WC SC, but after skiing some longer radius skis I had to admit that's what I like doing more, so if I were choosing today, I would go longer.  There is no better ski for advancing your turning skill level than the 13-m ski though.

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Dynastar Speed Course Ti

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

Dynastar Speed Course Ti


That's a good suggestion for something slightly more damp and stable (but maybe a bit less turny) than the RX8, based on my RX8 demo from 5 or 6 years ago. See my recent review of the Dynastar (which I loved) here. For something more crisp and slalomy and possibly more like your RX 8 (but still not a real race ski), I'd look at the Fischer Race SC Pro. Ski Depot has them for $499 with bindings - at least they did last weekend, when I was up there - which is an excellent buy, IMHO. I would buy these skis in a heartbeat.

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Thanks for all the suggestions folks. I realized I neglected to include my stats here in case that has any bearing on recommendations. I'm 5'9" and about 215. Not sure if that rules any of the recommended skis out.


As I thought about it more, I'm not sure I am so keen on getting something with a smaller radius than than the RX8. In th4e other direction though, the Blizz Supersonics are really intriguing, and I'm trying to find someplace to demo them this weekend, as well as the full array of Fischer Progressors. Kastle's look like a "definitely try" too if I can find a place to demo. 


@qcanoe, I'm a big fan of Ski Depot. The Superrace SCs look very similar to my RX8s specs wise. I'll try them as well. When we "go away" to ski, 9 times out of 10 it's Sugarloaf, though we usually take a right in Livermore Falls.

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Just has a nice few hours with Progressor P900 in 175cm.  Very fun ski!  Loads of power, quicker than the old 9+, plenty of edge bite, nice kick in the tail, can do any radius from fall line to super G arcs, and no real speed limit.  I could work the tip to tail somewhat well, and really get on top of it; it was rewarding enough to let me know when I really nailed a turn, and gave me enough negative feedback to let me know when I was being lazy and was behind the turn, without being "punishing".  I didn't know if I would like it as much as the old model (due to the cheaper plate and bindings) but man, it ripped. Felt like my RX12 somewhat; a little more lively, not quite as smooth or stable, a little more willing to go into smaller arcs. I felt the RX12 was a bit more forgiving, but that easily could have been the tune (P900 was railed a bit of out of the wrapper, and I didn't have time to touch it up).  

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I'm pretty much in the same position as the OP.  My RX8s aren't dead, but I'm looking for more of a mid 70s ski that's similar but a step up in performance. I'm also in my late 40s and a level 7 skier. I'm 5'9" and about 160lbs. I'm also interested in skis like the Élan Amphibio Waveflex 14 in addition to the others but wonder if the 14 is a little too stiff for my size and skill level. 

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Scott - hoping you can do a full review on this ski after you have addressed the tune issue as it is one I'm seriously considering as an RX8 replacement. From what I can gather from other reports, the Progressor 800 is not as high performance as the 8+ was in the last few years, while the P900 is maybe a bit less demanding and race like than the 9+ (which is why people preferred the 10+ ??)



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