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Solamon Falcon 10 to Technica Pheonix Air Shell 12

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I'm a level 7 skier that likes to ski everything from groomers to bumps to trees (my favorite) to fresh when it's there. I've had Falcon 10s since the 07 season and they have about 80 days on them. My feet are a C-D width. While the Falcons have been an overall good fit and fun skiing boot, my feet are always numbingly cold if thje temp is below 25F. I suspect it is because of the tight fit. I just was fitted for and purchaced a pair of Technica Pheonix Air Shell 12. I like the comfort and ability to tighted the fit with the air. I also think the step down to a 90 flex from the Falcon's 110 will be welcome on everything but the groomers.

Is the air shell the real deal and do the new boots make sense for me given the info above?



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ready, shoot, aim !


if the salomon falcon 10 fit your foot, and the tecnica phoenix air shell 12 fits your your foot, i am guessing that you have no feeling from your knees down............read the wikis about what a properly fit boot should feel like..........if they are brand new and comfortable...........just saying


12 and 13 year old female jr racers ski on 90 flex boots...........not level 7 adult males




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The Technicas are actually a little stiffer than the Falcons when I compare them side by side. Must be a difference in how the two companies measure their flexes. My bigger question is if the Pheonix Air Shell will give close to equal performance as the narrower Falcons. The lasts are 98 in the Falcon and 102 in the Technica but when I pump in the air I can dial in a tight fit that is equal to the Falcon but loosen them as I want when I want. Seems like the best of both worlds unless I am missing something.

Thanks, Eric


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think you are missing what Jim is saying, if a 98mm last fits your foot then a 102mm last is not going to give a close fit, the air is all very well but it is not going to take up 4mm of shell width or the difference in volume, if it feels great in the store / house chances are it will ski like a bucket within a week.


all we can do is give an opinion, we don't have your feet in front of us

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Eric S,


I have noticed that when i push on a balloon on one side the air inside moves some where else in the balloon and it distorts.  Not convinced air is a good filler.



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