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I find it quite humorous for people to complain about a ski company moving production to a lower cost labor market while said person is typing in a Chinese made electronic device, wearing shoes, clothes, and everything else also made in China.  Don't blame K2 for the current global business environment and the no brainer decisions made every single high labor content product manufacturer to shift production overseas.  Either blame the government for not punishing companies and importers via higher taxes and import duties or blame yourself for buying other Chinese products anyway.

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I'm a protectionist and always have been, if that's still a valid economic term, but left all that out to keep from dumping a perfectly good coffee table book thread into the forum for controversial topics.   biggrin.gif

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companies don't build without subsidies.  One company doesn't build a plant, at least a ski company or clothing manufacturer.  Perhaps a car company does.


A manufacturer builds a plant and contracts with many brands, ultimately building to spec, but with many brands.


A dedicated facility would be up to par, but you are talking about a single dedicated facility for a single dedicate brand.


That is the definition of something not being cost-effective.


Because manufacturing in general was a focus, plants that could facilitate many different brands/products were built.  They were subsidized so the business stayed "affordable".  Manpower was obviously affordable.  And perhaps that gave them a small, relative, headstart.


Just like we got with the industrial revolution.

Certainly there was a problem with outsourcing, and it still remains so.


But, those guys took advantage and now it becomes a matter of ability/facilities.  I know that hurts, but it's true.


America is the innovator and remains the artist.  Hence the proliferation of boutique companies.  But if you, who sings the praises of your shuttle drivers during no snow, thinks that the ski industry will survive based on the super-high-end hand-made custom model of igneous skis, well, I'm sorry.


No, I don't think that buying American is baseless, hopeless, or without philisophical merit.  I do think the tide is beginning to turn back in favor of American-made.  Will manufacturing need help like the oil companies receive?  I don't know.


But to discount a company based on manufacturing is a red herring.  Certainly a publicly owned company has made more than its fair share of blunders on behalf of integrity and sustainability, but another blunder is to write off goods made in a different country.  You can make a choice to support a certain group, but much of the proliferation of the sport that you so enthusiastically espouse come directly from the ability of the more common man to afford the sport.

Without a doubt it has affected the American economy.  One could argue, by making the world a more global marketplace and thereby enhancing the need for american ingenuity and artistry.


But not everything is perfect here, and the truth is our manufacturing isn't as good on the whole.

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K2 is right up there with another brand great brand....Hart.

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Originally Posted by Moose32 View Post

K2 is right up there with another brand great brand....Hart.


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We've seen, without doubt, that skis made in China are no cheaper than skis made in France or Germany or Spain or Italy, all economies with a high standard of living. America could make the full range of skis from lower to upper end price tags and lower to upper end construction and materials.


I'm not following what was said about multi product manufacturing facilities. Doesn't Dynastar's plant in Chamonix only make skis for Dynastar? for example.


Thanks Splitter, interesting,if daunting. 


since this thread is going in this direction, how did America lose Head?


I can understand that it is senseless for the US to manufacture cast bronze candlesticks and brass vases, but something as high tech and expensive as skis seem like it could be profitable. American labor has to get a clue and not kill the golden goose, however, and their needs are tied to health care issues and, aaaack, I'm way over my head at that point.


BTW, CGil, if every American consumed as I do, China would still be making sand cast candlesticks (OK, slight exaggeration). Sure I can't get around some damaging purchases, but I fight each and every one, never buy a block of wax without finding out where it was made.


I know what's coming. But tell me, how many of our patents and products are being stolen and manufactured in Germany? I know a little about the woodworking machinery industry, and we are being hurt by unethical companies overseas.


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K2's history is interesting to read about, thanks for the heads up about the book. I've owned the american made 5500 and loved that ski later moved up to the chinese made Recon and still ski it today, great skis all and never had a problem.

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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

QC, I think you meant considered. but you were circumspect (which means beating around the bush)

Nope. I had the primary definition of circumspect precisely in mind: "careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences : prudent <diplomacy required a circumspect response>"


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stand corrected. should have looked it up, rats, nailed me.eek.gif   you're right then. sometimes a source like the dictionary, sometimes just having fun, and alcohol could even be involved on rare occasion.

glad it's only a coffee table book discussion and not the Korean missile crisis.

I'm not completely spaced, the source of the word means around as from circum.  smile.gif    (even gave me a link to the dictionary I bet, how embarrassing!)

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Another page from the K2" 50 Years of Seriuos Fun"  book:


More Fun!!




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8 videos - use the following playlist link if the video above doesn't autoplay through them all...



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