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Buying new boots in NH

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Hello all.  My info:  41 y.o., 50+/day a year skier.  5' 11", 180 lbs.  I ski all over New England with western trips every other year or so.  I enjoy skiing the whole mountain, although my bump skills have always needed improvement.  No cliffs, park, or air in general.  No racing leagues either. 


I've been using Salomon X-Wave 10s for 5 seasons with no issues....that I'm aware of.  I'm shopping around for 2 reasons: 1) Just based on the number of days I've skied these and, 2) Last year I started skinning to shake things up a bit and I'm led to believe that there are better boots for this.  I've been told that the X-Wave 10s are stiff and heavy but I can't tell.


I've never had a true, thorough boot fitting.  I think I'm an easy fit.  My plan is to go to either Jeff Bokum or Richelson's Feet First, both of who have good reps, near as I can tell.


I could only skin 3 days last year because I tore an ACL in Jan.  Given that the knee is still a bit shaky it's hard to say how much I'll skin this year but I'll definitely go a few days.  The reality however, is the vast majority of my skiing will be inbounds lift served so my boot purchase will steer towards that.


Last year a buddy I ski with bought some AT oriented boots that promise alpine performance.  He's ok with them but a big problem is that he has cold feet always now and he never did before that so now he's dicking around with toe warmers daily.


Can the bootfitters steer me towards a couple of boot model options that will offer solid performance and comfort that won't be brutal when I'm skinning up?  I want to do this right so I'm willing to spend in the 500 to 800 range.  Hopefully I'm not being too cheap.

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very difficult to give you an accurate answer without seeing your feet, this is were face to face boot fitting is the only way to get this right, there are a number of boots which could fill the purpose from a range of manufacturers, best thing is go discuss this with your fitter, i don't know the two people you mention but if you read the wikis at the top of the forum about which boot will work for me it will give you lots of useful info on what to look for and what to expect form a new boot, it can help to gauge the fitter as well, there is also a list of boot fitters who post on the forum and a few of them are in your area


good luck getting sorted

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