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Hi all,

I've been lurking around for a while now reading the great posts so I decided to subscribe and do what I can to promote skiing as well as learn from ya'll. In the interim, I figured I'd post to sell one of my spare sets of skis.

These are NEW, still in plastic, never used, Atomic Beta Race 9.34 Race Stock 9/0 Carbon 188. Matching serial numbers with carvXcharger plate. 47/37 is the marked flex measurement on the ski. They still have the factory shipping wax on them. They have the hooked rubber "snot picker" tips. They require the use of an Atomic binding, preferrably the Race 412 or 614.

If I remember correctly they are from the 00/01 season. I bought these the same time I bought my 177 Race Stock 9.34 Beta Race skis not sure how the 177's would be for me (5'8" 170). I love the 177's so much I find I do not need the 188's. My 177's do everything I need them to do under most conditions. They scared me the first few times out because I wasn't used to the power of a Slalom ski. The rebound is amazing and these things really hold on ice and hard pack when skied properly. They are not for the timid. In this length I feel they make a great all mtn. ski. Some may say these are old school straight skis, but I love them. They compliment my Atomic 9.16's (160)and Rossi 9s Pro Race Carv's (177) nicely.

I'm asking 250.00 for the skis plus shipping.