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Lack of snow in the NE?

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I was just listening to ATC on NPR and they had a segment on northern New York skiing.  Or, lack thereof.  Are things that bad all across the Northeast?  I checked the forecast for Stowe, and it had like an inch of rain due to fall!  Yuk. It is hard to believe that temps would be in the 40s this time of year, that far north.  Then again, it was in the 50's here in Oregon the other day (great day for a ride, we did 70 miles). 


Hope you get some snow soon!  

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Thankfully, it is still white outside, but the rain did pound pretty hard last night. Not to worry though, it's supposed to be below zero tomorrow. Hockey anyone? Oh wait, I'm going to be skiing....maybe it's time to dust off those Omeglass64s.

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The Laurel Ridge in PA just get missed AGAIN!  Yesterdays storm turned into 1.0 inch of rain and a half inch of snow.  Still hoping for the Jan 2nd snow event but now the models are indicating it to will be too warm.

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Hey Ridgeman,


Any chance of Laurel opening this year? If it does, I may have to make a trip west to see my old friends in Westmont.



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Unfortunately, same story as last year and the year before that: "We hope to be open NEXT season".  The PaDCNR is still studying the Lurel Mt situation and Seven Springs is still not saying much about it. 

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Conditions at Killington have been pretty consistent. They have done a hell of a job there in spite of the weather. No natural snow to speak of, just a dusting here and there. But the weather has been great for riding, I've been on my bike every weekend that I haven't been skiing.

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Yeah, have some friends who are in Killington right now. It sounds like anytime they get any coverage, it rains and washes it away. Too bad, because they are indeed working hard to get terrain open. 

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Mount Snow is hurting.  What snow they do have is pretty good but the terrain is so limited.  Everytime they get a good base it rains and we're back to square one......


C'mon Nor'ester!!!

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It's been a tough year in the east so far.  It seems to warm up every time a storm comes near so we get rain not snow.  Things are improving in Vermont however.  Killington got 10 inches out of this last event (after a bit of rain) and has 49 of 140 trails open, with more expected terrain this weekend as the snowmaking continues.  Its going to be COLD however (near zero). 

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I was at Cannon in New Hampshire today.

We had a great time, but objectively conditions were mostly atrocious.

Lots of completely scraped off ice, with isolated sugar-snow bumplets forming about mid-day.

In contrast to most of the trails, conditions under the Zoomer chair were actually pretty good -- they were blowing a lot of snow there.  (They were blowing snow other places too, but it didn't seem to be able to get ahead of the traffic.)


Interestingly, I didn't see anyone out of control or in serious trouble all day.  I was impressed with the general level of skiing.  Even the guys you'd see from the lift and think "what the heck is he doing" seemed to be managing pretty well, which was surprising considering the conditions.


The trails were pretty crowded at peak times, but we never had a lift line.  Before 11 it wasn't too bad, and after 2 or 2:30 it was pretty empty.


There were lots of racer kids training.  Watching them from the lift was a reality check that, yes, it is possible to edge in this stuff.  It inspired me to work on fore-aft pressure management, which seemed to help.  (Still not getting anywhere near the grip those racers get, though.)


I actually brought the slalom race skis that I rarely use, but didn't feel like walking back to the car to get them.  Probably should have, though.


Bottom line -- it is skiing.  If we had already had tons of great conditions, it might not be worth going for limited terrain with ice, but this year -- definitely worth going!

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In my professional opinion, the weather in the Northeast this season Sucks!


wflatv with text.jpg

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We were in southern VT for the last 3 nights, hoping to ski the 28th and 29th.  During the night of the 27th and into the early a.m. hours, it rained between 1/2 and 1 inch.  During the day on the 28th, there were squall warnings with winds up to 50 m.p.h..  Skiing was off the menu for the 28th, but it chilled down to single digits that night.  In spite of the freeze-over, we at least skied nearly a full day at Bromley on the 29th.  They only had 17 trails open, but since we had my 7 year-old daughter and 8 year-old niece with us, the agenda only called for groomed beginner trails anyway!  At least we had watching the kids get their ski legs under them!  Upstate NY and southern VT are in SERIOUS need of snow!!

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