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Nordica W 7.1 - Sport boot?

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I have a pair of Nordica W7.1 boots and I am wondering if this is a standard sport boot? I have also been reading that some manufacturers in their us nodels have ditched the half sizes?


My boots say 27 -27.5,,,,, is there a way to identify which liner I have in my boot as far as size goes?


What year are they?


Had some Dalbellos in the same size and they killed my feet and couldn't house my calves comfortably but these nodicas feel much better.....





























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That's a relatively old boot, it's a mid-level boot, a 27 or a 27.5 will both have the same liner and shell... same as every other boot, same as always. Pick the size you deeply want it to be and call it that.

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It is not a matter of me “wanting” the boot to be a certain size. I was under the impression manufacturers, specifically Nordica, was making a shell that comprised two sizes but that they offered a different liner for each “size”? From your response that sounds like it is not the case.


The reason for my inquiry is my boots feel great, no pain in any way. Based on the boot fitting guidelines above this part of the forum, there is the necessary room on both SIDES of my feet as well as behind my foot based on my toes barely touching the nose of the boot.  So why am I posting and not out skiing?


The boot is so comfortable I almost feel like I am leaving some performance on the table? Thinking maybe it isn’t tight enough. I haven’t seen any guidelines that clearly spell out how much buckle pressure there should be ?  My foot is not sliding forward or aft and my heel is not coming up the floor of the boot. My old boots were extremely tight and performed well down the hill but my feet hurt after skiing for an hour.


Moving down to a 26.5 boot isn’t an option as I don’t want to shoe horn my foot into something but I was wondering what I could do to get a tighter fit. I do wear a ski sock…

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The only difference in a 27.0 & a 27.5 is the thickness of the factory foot pad, the 27.0 pad will be thicker, making your toes feel tighter. On a 4 buckle boot --- tighten the ankle till.it hurts then back off till it is comfy, but as tight as you can stand. Never tighten the lower 2 buckles asthey will cut off circulation. Wear the power strap inside the plastic shell around the liner and tongue.
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