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Post Time-stamp

Poll Results: What format do you prefer for the post time stamp?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 12% of voters (1)
    I prefer the current elapsed time in days aind hours
  • 87% of voters (7)
    I prefer the actual date and time of the post
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Geeze, get a life! Who cares? Is it snowing yet?
8 Total Votes  
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I'm guessing it was just an accidental oversight in the latest release but... I REALLY like to see when a given post was put up - meaning the exact Date and Time (that used to be there) and not some vague, approximate - and perpetually floating reference.

Sure, it's nice to know that a post was made "Three weeks ago" but I'm pretty sure anyone who knows the current date can instantly approximate that kind of time-span in their head rather than needing it printed - especially when we now lose the actual date.

Was the removal of actual Date/Time on some particular Huddler customer's wish list? I only ask because it seems an odd thing for anyone to favor a generalized floating approximation of information over the actual information itself.

Can they please just put the Date/Time back in the upper left corner of each post? Or perhaps make it a User Option to choose between the meaningful information and .. that other stuff?

Pretty Please?

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I agree, or else we'll all need to take after the ways of that member who manually dates every post.
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This change probably makes sense for old dates -- if it says "3 years ago" it's easier to notice that you're bumping some really old post than if it says 11/15/08.


For things within, say, 6 months, IMO you should just show the date.


My cellphone does this with email history in certain weird ways, and it's annoying.  Like if I get an email at 11:30 PM, if I look at the phone at 12:05 AM then ALL the emails from 'yesterday' are lumped together instead of showing the time of each one, even if it was only a few minutes ago.

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It was working earlier today, though???  I saw a date in the thread about golf vacations.

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The hardest thing about this horrible "time-span since this was written" method of dating posts is when people post content that is date-relevant and it's very difficult to figure out the actual date of interest to gain meaning and context from the post.

For instance, a post from last spring that reads, "Wow! Can anyone remember the season lasting this long in Nevada!!!!" - and the post is "dated" "7 months, two weeks, three days ago"... Gee, anyone got a calendar handy and want to backtrack-count all those months, weeks and days to figure out exactly what DATE the described season actual continued to?

Or maybe someone posts interesting information about "The PSIA-NW Exam that took place last weekend" - and the post was made 2 months, 3 weeks, 4 days ago... Again, you'd have to pull up a calendar to figure out which friggen Exam they're actually talking about... What a horrible way to obfuscate meaningful information!

Long ago I mentioned somewhere around here how nice it would be to have a pop-up window that warned a user that they were about to reply to a thread that's more than a year old. Just a simple pop-up that says, "FYI: You're responding to a thread that was last active more than a year ago...". I'd have this little warning pop up as soon as the user starts typing into the Reply box (to help them avoid putting in a bunch of effort on a topic long dead.)

If anything, put that vague "How long ago" number in a side field and keep the regular date where it was.

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The timestamp of posts has changed from the actual date and time of a post to the elapsed time since the last post.  I really prefer seeing the date and time rather than how many days and hours it has been since the post. 


What works for you?  Anyone else?

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I think there was a thread about this a week or so ago and people wanted it changed back.  

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I missed the other thread and combined them here under the poll.  The change in date format was bothering me, but since we haven't had any snow to speak of, it's really bugging me now.

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I think we should have both: mm/dd/yy (xx elapsed time ago). It's not like there's not enough real estate for both. It should be minimal programming change to do that.
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Date is much better. Elapsed time is horrible (except as a parenthetical adjunct to the real date): not only does it require mental arithmetic if you are interested in the date, but it is wrong as soon as you are done refreshing the page.


Also, how about using 4-digit years? 2-digit years belong in the naive pre-y2k era.


While we're at it, how about using the very sensible ISO 8601 time, with the year first, then  month, then day. Today is 2011-12-28.

This is a forum with international users, and different countries write month/day (e.g., US) or day/month (e.g., France) so a date like 5/8/2011 is ambiguous -- is it May 8 or August 5? 2011-05-08 removes all ambiguity.


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I'm the only one who voted for keep elapsed, and now I've changed my mind.  I was thinking about recent posts (i.e., 2 hours ago), where I still think it is good.  But I agree it is horrible when the elapsed time is weeks or months.

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Well, look back at the older posts Cirq added to this thread. At some point they changed to the date (without the time) they were posted.

What is the consensus on right time that it should switch roflmao.gif
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I looked it up, and this happened after the update on 11/4/2011.  The rationale:



No, this was a change made to the site to bring us more in line with social media, which has largely switched to a relative time format (Facebook and Twitter. etc.).  Mousing over the timestamp will bring up the date and time in the old format if needed.  Also, anything over a month old will just show the date, and no time, but the mouseover will exist there as well.  Sorry this wasn't communicated in advance, this release had so much stuff in it that some of it slipped the Release Notes.


I do notice that if you hover the mouse over the elapsed time, that the actual date appears.  FWIW, I think a forum is different from a facebook "like" or a Twitter "tweet".  Those are very transient posts that are almost never looked at again when the scroll off the front page.  Forum posts however have archival value, and are often pulled back up years after they were posted.  It does appear that the date format reverts to mm/dd/yyyy after a period of time.

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