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Originally Posted by Sleeper View Post

Just proving I do know how to post.


You started a hill of a great thread. Great Goofy cartoon.


As always, it has been superb meeting you at the Steamboat gondola @8:20 (it doesn't even open until 8:30).

Your joyful smiles and greetings to all, as we seek out fresh powder and bumps, often in the trees, always makes the skiing better.


Enjoyed being led around this am by Bearess Tam, before she had to go help run the ski resort. She shreds.


Your skiing ability has improved with amazing speed, besting me in a couple of seasons.

Great athletic ability for a smoker (lung cancer is not a joyful way to check out) Must be the diving.


Never the less you never complain about having to wait for me to catch up, or at least enjoy the rest.


Post one of those photos from today and I will replace my generic gondola avatar.


Thanks for the comraderie. We still have one more day to ski, and the forecast is for more snow tonight.


See you at the FL Ski Council party tonight, Dee has made us costumes for the cowboy Indians theme.









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2 errors:


Finndog (2n's)


Bearess was Tam



Could not edit/correct my post errors

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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post

I came upon an accident scene yesterday, pretty bad looking wreck, but just one car. 

Most decidedly upsetting news Seg. Sorry that you had to experience that. As to our Florida associate, he's got many years of experience with the more violent and hazardous side of life. He's also got a lot of training in field-expedient medical procedures so I've no worries for his psyche. 


Sleeper, your kind words are sincerely appreciated. So glad to know that you enjoy my company.


Was fortunate enough yesterday, (as Sleeper's already noted,) to spend the first few hours on the hill with Tam. She's got a strong racing background, is indeed a serious ripper; strong, smooth, & graceful, and is tons of fun to ski with, though I saw her mostly from behind. She showed us a couple of slick stashes before she had to head off to work.


Today calls for me to ski with a young lady named Christine. She's one of the Miami Mafia's nieces, and has been a Dude magnet for the single men all week long. Our associates have been telling me that I've got to ski with her, as (except for the young, charming, attractive, and capable bits,) she's supposedly the female incarnation of Bazzer; boundlessly enthusiastic, not a terrible skier, eager to learn and explore, and always smiling. She took a bump clinic yesterday, and has been invited to join her instructor on his day off, (another Dude whom she's managed to attract,) for a day of free skiing. Met her late last night, and was asked to join the fun. Only fly in the ointment is that zero-hour plan calls for The Boat's "First Tracks" program, and I don't know if I can obtain the needed addendum to my lift pass "morning of." Should the special pass be unobtainable, then we'll have to rely on our 21st Century Dick Tracy 2-way Wrist Radios to arrange a mid morning rendezvous. 


Had a brief period of heavy snowfall last night, but it stopped before much new fluff could accumulate. Steamboat website reports 4", and forecast predicts a bit more to fall during the day, so may venture out with the clown shoes for the final day of my little ski odyssey. Once again, any lurking Bears are welcome to join.


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Wow Bazz, you're certainly involved in the thick of things where ever you ski.

Will you be skiing with Billy the Kid, or does he not make the rounds anymore?


Well I think it needs at least one photo:



Recent Stash:

Great snow still to be found!                                                                                                                  1/25/12




The Mountain


                                        Photo: Karen Schulman/Jupiter Images    



Billy in the powder: Steamboat General Store

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Cool shots Tog. Didn't know that you were so talented in that regard, or that your real name was Larry Pierce.biggrin.gif


Don't know if The Kid still makes the rounds, but even if he does, my social schedule was packed to the gills, and I'd of had to bump someone else to share a groomer run with Billy. Bad juju do do that to a friend.


Yesterday I enjoyed a special and spectacular capper to my little odyssey. Showed up at the lifts way early, (who'd of thunk it?,) and paid a few $ for a "First Tracks" ticket. Spent the first two hours of the day with the aforementioned Christina and Ciao, her instructor from the previous day. He was not in fact trying to hit on her, and for a few hours we were virtually undisturbed by others as we played princes and princess of the mountain. Ciao's been teaching here for 20 years and his guiding acumen yielded us an entire morning of untouched pow in the trees.


Later in the AM we were joined by some of Ciao's friends, and by my usual Miami companion and Epic buddy Sleeper. Turns out that Sleeper took a bump clinic with Ciao on the day that I was cat skiing, so our jolly crew spent the rest of the day skiing soft bumps, sharing smiles and verbally abusing your humble narrator. A perfect ending to an already bounteously joyous three weeks in the mountains.


Off to catch the bus back to warmer climes now, and all that's left are memories and dreams of trips yet to come.



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Was a pleasure skiing with you Bazz and Sleeper, glad we were able to meet up!  First tracks was a fine choice yesterday.  I didn't do first tracks, but was in the gondy line pretty early.  It was definitely a great morning, nice soft and untracked so can't complain.  Have a safe trip back, and I hope you come visit Steamboat again! 

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Bazz - sounds like you had some good fun!   A 5 page long thread with no real photos to speak of, I'm surprised you did indeed head back to FL.  


When are you going to buy that vacation house out West?   I'm not sure why you're hesitating  :)



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